Stunning Fireworks Wallpapers For Your Desktop

Ever since fireworks were used in China during the 7th century as a symbol of celebration and the welcoming of a new year ahead, fireworks have been an integral part of festivities. No matter where you travel, surely you have seen grand fireworks displays, and the countless professional photographers that lay in wait for the explosions to hit the skies.

Why not have beautiful skies populated with amazing fireworks explosions as a desktop wallpaper? Here are a total of 16 fantastic fireworks displays from around the world for you to grab. While at it, do share with us some of your favorite fireworks wallpapers in the comments section!

Holiday Fireworks in Singapore. Available in 1920×1200.

Holiday Fireworks in Singapore

Fireworks Night in France. Available in various sizes.

Fireworks Night in France

Red Square in Moscow. Available in various sizes.

Red Square in Moscow

Over The Bridge Fireworks. Available in various sizes.

Over The Bridge Fireworks

Nature vs Man in Vancouver. Available in 1440×900.

Nature vs Man in Vancouver

Dubai Cities. Available in 1920×1080.

Dubai Cities

Budapest Hungary. Available in various sizes.

Budapest Hungary

Fireworks in Central Park. Available in various sizes.

Fireworks in Central Park

Eiffel Tower French Day Fireworks. Available in various sizes.

Eiffel Tower French Day Fireworks

New Year Fireworks in Japan. Available in various sizes.

New Year Fireworks in Japan

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