The World of Lost Smartphones [Infographic]

If you have ever lost your smartphone, then you know how much of a hassle things can become for the next few hours – passwords need to be changed, all your contacts need to be informed, and their contact details retrieved one way or another, and you can say bye bye to your music collection or photo albums. All that information could be in a Lost & Found section somewhere in town, or worse yet in the hands of a stranger who knows how to break into your phone and use the information he can find inside. If you don’t have a security tool installed to protect the precious data inside your phone, you might be beating yourself up for your loss.

Well, this might give you some form of comfort: losing a smartphone happens a lot more than you may think. Rather than give you the figures, we have for you an infographic released by Derived based on information provided by the mobile security company Lookout, this visual depiction of The World of Lost Smartphones shows you where, how many and how often past users have been losing their smartphones all over the U.S. Check out the numbers, they might just give you a scare.

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