Winter Photography: A White Escape

Snow, ice, and the crispness that comes with freezing temperatures can add a new dimension to your photos. And with winter just around the corner for much of the northern hemisphere, it’s a great time to find some inspiration in winter photos.

From the first snowflakes in late fall to the dripping icicles that come with a spring thaw, winter photography can provide you with ideas for any kind of design. A muted color palette peppered with bright accents made even more striking by their backdrop can be adapted to your web and graphic designs.

Below are 70 excellent winter photos to help inspire you, everything from snow-filled landscapes to macro photos and close-ups.

Frozen Heart (by David Cleland)

#20 Winter Chickedee (by JMitaStudios)

A Winter Bokeh (by Kuddlyteddybear2004)

A Winter Tale.. (by Nilgunkara)

Barn in Winter (by James Jordan)

Blue Winter …. (by Alf07)

Cardinal in Winter (by LittleREDelf)

Chase Winter Deer (by Johnmuk)

Crater Lake, Winter (by MarcAdamus)

Classical Russian Winter (by Doberman4ik)

Field Mint in Winter (by Yksin)

Farmstand in Winter (by Muffet)

Grand Canyon in Winter (by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton)

Happy Winter Solstice Day (by Kuddlyteddybear2004)

Horse In Winter Field (by Darwin70)

Holga Winter (by Rakastajatar)

Law Library (Winter) (by Dgermony)

The Lone Boatman in Japan’s Winter Light (by Okinawa Soba)

On Winter… (by Matt McGee)

Onset of Winter (by Ssilence)

Winter Textures (by Grant MacDonald)

Struma River in Winter (by Klearchos Kapoutsis)

Tail End of Winter (by Melissa Maples)

The Tree That Refused to Believe It Was Winter (by EJP Photo)

Winter (by 6Artificial6)

Winter (by Valyeszter)

Winter 8 (by Aniabeata)

Winter Apple (by Rabasz)

Winter (by Behindmyblueeyes)

Winter (by Dinarakey)

Winter (by Fragoline)

Winter (by Voorikvergeet)

Winter Flight (by IgorLaptev)

Winter Freight on Salt Creek Trestle (by Ahockley)

Winter Fur (by Orvaratli)

Winter Field (by James Jordan)

Winter Morning (by Leenik)

Winter Night (by Orvaratli)

Winter (by Amymillerphotos)

Winter on the City 3 (by Aniabeata)

Winter Puffball (by Thrumyeye)

Winter Scenery III (by Steffe)

Winter Star (by Randihausken)

Winter Surprise II (by Joffo1)

Winter Theme (by Dobrych)

Winter Thrush (by Gavatron)

Winter Wonder Land 2 (by Art Rock (Hennie))

Winter Wonderland (by Pieter Musterd)

Wisconsin Winter Wonderland (by WisDoc)

Winter at the River (by Lanier67)

Winter (by 1g4)

Winter (by Latimeria)

Winter (by Trifoto)

Winter Day! (by Marcos Vasconcelos Photography)

Winter Grasses (by Shazz Mack)

Winter Komm (by Igloolita)

Winter Memorie (by Valyeszter)

Snow (by Babakch2)

In the Snow (by Kuru93)

Snow (by Palnk)

Winter Wonderland (by AnnMe)

Winter Will Come (by Inside-my-ART)

Blizzard Ballet (by Intao)

Winter Dream (by James Jordan)

Blizzard (by Kelen-olga)

Early Snow (by Tidesend)

Winter Willow (by FigoTheCat)

Winter (by Jjuuhhaa)

Winter in Bloom (by TheEducatedFool)

Winter Wonderland (by Deadstarx)

Early in Winter II (by Blessedchild)

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