This Site Checks if Your Job Will Be Taken Over by Robots

Automation, the scenario where human workers get replaced by robots, is steadily becoming a reality, thanks to the rapid improvement in both artificial intelligence and robotics technology.

Seeing as automation may soon become a part and parcel of life, some have begun to wonder which jobs could potentially be taken over by robots. If you’re among the curious ones, then a website called Will Robots Take My Job may pique your interest.

Developed by Dimitar Raykov and Mubashar Iqbal, this simple website lets you check the possibility of automation affecting the job position. All you have to do is type in a job position, click on one of the many options that appear below it, and it would tell you how probable automation may affect that particular job position.

risk percentage

Automation possibility aside, the website also provides some rather useful stats regarding the job position such as projected growth of the job for the next seven years, the median annual wage of the position, as well as the number of people employed in that particular position as of 2016.


All of the data generated by the website is sourced by a 2013 report that explores how automation may impact the job market. Interesting though the website may be, you probably shouldn’t take the results that it generates too seriously as these are merely estimates.