Web Designers: Why You Need Flexible WordPress Themes

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Creative web designers face multiple types of frustating situations in their profession: conflicting feedback that leads to modifications that are hard to implement or require advanced coding skills; small tweaks in a page layout that take forever because of a bloated theme; theme demos that make all your projects look the same.

That is why creative web designers should use a WordPress theme that is highly flexible and will not let them or their clients down in a time of need.

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How a WordPress theme offers creative freedom

It’s not enough to work on your creative thinking or have a real talent in web design. If the tools you use are limiting your creativity, it can all come to naught – imagine using Paint for designing a landing page! You need the right tools for the right job.

If you are working with a theme that features super-flexibility, you can create any number of different websites. Each will be so unique that no one has the slightest clue that the starting point, an inspirational concept, is one and the same for many of them.

You want as much flexibility in a theme as possible while still being able to achieve award-winning results and reach your creative potential.

Basically, if you can think of it, you can build it, and Uncode is the product that is going to help you deliver. In fact, the think-it, build-it mantra is the Uncode manifesto for creative people and is fitting for web designers who are full of new and innovative ideas.

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Uncode is so flexible and customizable, that it will satisfy the most demanding creative, idea-generating mind. And it can do that with the help of these features:

  • An Advanced Grid system, that pushes layout design to the cutting edge
  • 30+ combinable homepage concepts that provide unsurpassed flexibility
  • The Adaptive Images feature, that detects screen sizes and delivers rescaled displays.
  • An enhanced version of Visual Composer featuring advance functionalities and a clean, well-organized skin.
  • The Content Block: You can create external sections of content for integration and replicating in your pages.
  • Multiple menus layouts
  • 100 options in the post modules

Uncode’s one-of-a-kind adaptive image system

A theme that is only responsive is not necessarily optimized. Uncode brings to the table a new way of displaying images on any screen size. This can help you a lot, especially when you have decided to get creative and include a visual approach on a project.

the revenant

When a device needs to open a web page, it sends a http request. It actually sends an http request for each image that is on a page. A first solution to this would be to increase the response time of these serial requests.

But the creative people from Undsgn found a brilliant, alternative solution. They applied asynchronous responses to these browser requests. These types of responses enable the browser to download many images at the same time.

This is only one example on how creative thinkers like yourself have worked on an unparalleled, highly flexible WordPress themes.

A grid system with comfortable precision

Uncode’s grid system is a fluid, responsive system that allows you to customize up to 12 columns in a boxed or a full-width format:

  • Equal heights
  • Vertical alignment
  • Full-width row
  • Horizontal and vertical gap settings

If you can think of it, you can build it

Creativity is not magic. Especially in web design, where your creativity is often measured in good ideas implemented with the help of brilliant tools. If you want to develop your creativity, you should choose a theme like Uncode. You will have enough creative freedom and inspiration to last you ages.


This video demonstrates Uncode’s flexibility. By modifying and tweaking design elements, this flexible WP theme allows you to integrate divergent viewpoints easily.

You’ll quickly discover all of the ways Uncode can help you explore your flexible thinking and web design creativity.

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