Four Design & Dev Tools to Streamline Workflow

Designers and developers always have their hands full with an array of daily tasks. From managing deadlines and creating projects to attending team meetings and dealing with finances, there’s a lot that they have to manage.

However, one can manage such situations by using some useful tools to help manage your workflow and add to your productivity.

Here are several tools, tried and tested by thousands of designers and developers to streamline your workflow.

Developers: Easy-to-Use Tools to Improve Your Workflow

Developers: Easy-to-Use Tools to Improve Your Workflow

A web developer's job can be uplifting, challenging, exciting, or a combination of several of them. It's undoubtedly... Read more is a team management tool that’s intuitive, feature-rich, and helps you organize and prioritize your everyday tasks. You can collaborate with your team members, keep track of their work progress, and set milestones for your projects

You can fully customize the tool according to your requirements and categorize work into projects, processes, departments, and clients. Monday is already used by hundreds of big and small companies worldwide to manage all their workload in one place.



Mason enables teams and individuals to design, develop, and deploy a digital product from a single platform. The tool lets you make changes to a product that has been delivered and put to use without having to repeat the deployment cycle.

Mason provides a front-end product service capability that is based on breaking down a product to its constituent parts and reassembling it, making it far easier to maintain and modify. Working from a single platform also makes it easy to collaborate, store, and communicate data and information.



Fleep is another application that helps in managing communications, team collaboration, team feedback, to-do lists, and action items from a single platform. Messages and other information are organized and stored in the cloud where they can be accessed on demand.

Fleep users can communicate quickly and efficiently with other users and other teams that use Fleep. The Basic plan is free, but for more advanced features, you can subscribe to Fleep for Business (with a 30-day free trial).

Visual Inspector

visual inspector

Visual Inspector is a collaboration tool for website feedback that can be used on WordPress, HTML, and even SketchApp to provide 10x faster iteration between UI designers, copywriters and front-end developers. It is a feature-rich prototyping suite to create and validate your mobile and web application design prototypes.


Manually created communications and collaboration system can serve its purpose remarkably well. Yet, such systems tend to become less effective over time. They are sometimes ignored by team members or other individuals altogether.

Such is not normally the case when a good collaboration tool or platform is brought into play. This makes any of the top collaboration tools featured here a wise investment.

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