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Web designers have relied on the advantages website- and page-building tools offer. They save them time and money and make it easier for them to achieve high-quality results.

As you would expect, these tools have improved year by year. But during the past year or two improvements have been particularly dramatic. It only makes sense to look for the top tools on the market as we go into 2019. With so many good ones on the market, finding the best of the best website builders can be a challenge. Especially for beginning designers.

In this article, we present the most popular website-building solutions. We hope to help you find a tool that will best fit your needs.

1. Elementor


Elementor is the ultimate website builder for WordPress 2 years in a row. With over 2 million active installs there’s very little Elementor can’t handle.

Elementor is fun and easy to work with. And it’s also quick, Elementor doesn’t fill your site with shortcode hell, your website will run with clean code and the best part is: zero coding needed.

Very quickly, you’ll understand how to drag and drop elements, edit text, create fun animations, and design beautiful websites.

Elementor is packed with powerful features built to supercharge your workflow: Navigator, Finder, Theme Builder, Marketing Widget, Visual Form Builder, Header & Footer builder are just of the features, that set Elementor above other builders.

Other features include a Custom Fonts, Countdown Timer, Star Ratings, Reviews, WordPress Custom Fields Integration, a WooCommerce Builder, and with Version 2.4, the Elementor Popup Builder, this is just the beginning Elementor releases a new killer feature every month

Now you can do the development, marketing and design simultaneously, save production cost and time and design better looking websites faster than ever before.

2. Mobirise Website Builder


Mobirise offers several advantages that many of the more popular website builders do not. Since it’s an offline builder, designers aren’t tied down to a particular platform, they are free to select their own hosting provider, and this website-building tool can be used in any manner they choose.

Mobirise is also based on Bootstrap4 or Google AMP technology, making it practically guaranteed that any site built with it is going to be user friendly and super-fast.

The package features a selection of 1,500 trendy design blocks and website templates together with a huge collection of Google fonts, icons, and free images.

Everything is drag and drop and no coding is required, nor are any special design skills needed to work with Mobirise. Best of all, Mobirise is completely free to use for both personal and commercial uses – with no strings attached.

3. Portfoliobox


Portfoliobox is an online website builder that will be an excellent choice for creative professionals and beginners alike, and for that matter anyone looking for a website-building tool that can enable them to create attractive websites featuring exceptionally well designed portfolios.

Portfoliobox can be used with any theme, it’s flexible and easy to use, and no coding is required.

The Portfoliobox team offers a Free plan and a Pro plan.

The free plan provides hosting for 10 pages, 10 products, 30 images; enough for a small website, and definitely enough to understand what this website building tool can do for you.

With the Pro plan you can host up to 1,000 images, an unlimited number of products, pages, and blog posts, a personal domain, Google Analytics, and custom CSS and JS. A free student plan is also available. All plans include the complete selection of Portfoliobox design templates.

4. 8b Website Builder

8b website builder

The 8b website builder provides another good example of the benefits you can expect when using a futuristic website-building tool with an easy to work with and super-simple UI. 250+ website sections and 16 starter templates that come with the package should be enough to get any project off and running.

Since 8b is Google AMP-based your site will be 100% mobile-friendly and super-fast.

The 8b website builder is free throughout its launch phase.

6. WP Page Builder

wp page builder

WP Page Builder is a modern front end visual page builder featuring a user-friendly interface together with a cool collection of state-of-the-art design elements.

No coding or design skills are needed to work with this 100% drag and drop page builder. WP Page Builder is extremely flexible, and it can be used with any theme.

7. Quix – Joomla Page Builder


Quix is the first Jooma-based page builder comes with real-time SEO analyzer and image compression out of the box. This visual page builder is responsive, it’s been optimized for speedy page loading, and it also has a real-time SEO analytics feature and its own header and footer builder.

A large selection of Google fonts, icons, design blocks, and layouts is included in the Quiz package.

3 Key Tips Will Help You Build a Successful Website

1. Make your site mobile responsive

Once a suggested option, making a website responsive become mandatory. Today, a majority of shoppers make purchases over their cellphones. Over 90% use smartphones while shopping to compare prices.

2. Always place your contact information above the fold

If people want to contact, you or your business you can make it easy for them. Do so by placing your contact information above the fold. If you use social media, placing links at the header or footer serves the same purpose.

3. Respect the need for speed

Busy shoppers have next to no patience with website pages that are slow to load. They simply can’t tolerate them. Nor will they stick around long if your website is simply too buggy.

Make every effort to keep your site running smoothly. Ensure that videos and images are optimized for faster downloads. Make sure the host can handle your site’s bandwidth demands.


There are so many website builders on the market. Thus, finding one that will best fit your needs can be a challenge. Especially if you’re relatively new to the website-building game.

Our selection of these 7 top website and page builders will helpfully narrow your search. You can select a flexible, powerful, and easy to use website or page-building tool.

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