How to Get Bold, Italic, Strikethrough on Your WhatsApp

Formatting finally comes to WhatsApp Messenger. You can now type your replies in bold, italic or even strikethrough your replies to friends. If you have updated to the latest WhatsApp version, you probably can see something like this:

whatsapp formatting

To bold your material, use asterisks like so *This is bold.* and use underscore for italic _this is italic_ and for strikethrough use tilde like ~this is strikethrough~.

Why Is It Not Working on My Android?

There are reports by Android users who have updated to the latest WhatsApp version but have yet to see the formatting feature take effect. If you are on version 2.12.556, sorry, no luck, you won’t be seeing this in your WhatsApp.

If you must have want this, what you can do is grab it from APK mirror. The feature, along with a few other features are available in the 2.12.535 version and the 2.12.560 version. Also, if you look forward to more new (but which may not be stable yet) features like these, you can sign up to be a beta tester here.

[H/T: Android Police]

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