How to Use Images in Facebook Chat Box [Quicktip]

Chat on Facebook connects us with the friends in our Facebook lives, but given the limited features, chat on Facebook has never been a ‘fun’ chat platform. There is wide range of smiley codes available, but among all the disadvantages, there isn’t a single option to share a photo via FB chat.

The usual way is to share a photo with your friends on your Facebook wall then share the link with your friends, but in this case, everyone else would be able to see it and comment about it.

Send Image in Facebook Chat

To start sending image in Facebook chat box, go to the Smileytime homepage and scroll down until you see the ‘Choose File‘ button, click the button to upload an image, insert your captcha and click ‘Upload Now‘.


After the file is ready, you will see lines of code, copy that code.

Copy code

Paste the code to your chat box.

Paste code

Press enter, and you will see the image is shown in your chat box.

image on Facebook chat

And that’s it!


Now you can make your chat fun again with the newfound ability to share photos with your friends via Facebook chat box. Although the Smileytime web page is very basic and full with ads, it still does a great job with uploading your photo and giving you the code-restricted access you need. Note that since Smileytime will host your images, be sure not to upload valuable photos, just in case!

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