Easily Identify Fonts From Slogans with WhatFontIs

Nike has a super history about which I highly recommend you to find out more. It is inspiring for everyone, but particularly for people looking to work on their own or entrepreneurs preparing to launch a business.

Recently, I read the book Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE in which Nike founder and CEO Phil Knight share the inside story of the company’s early days as an intrepid start-up and its evolution into one of the world’s most profitable brands.

You will find out how Nike founder transformed 50 borrowed dollars into a multi-billion dollar corporation.

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The story that caught my attention was how they’ve got to create their slogan—Just Do It—a slogan known by millions of people and translated into all languages.

It may seem hard to believe, but this marketing slogan has been inspired by the last words of a murderer – Gary Gilmore, who killed two people in Utah in 1976.

Facing down a five-man firing squad, Gilmore said: “Let’s do it.

Nike debuted the slogan in a 1988 commercial about an 80-year-old runner named Walt Stack.

nike slogan

The font used for the slogan text is very similar to Marathon Serial font. How did I find the information? I used one of the best font finder on the market—WhatFontIs.com. It took me a few minutes and I paid zero dollars to succeed.

WhatFontIs can be used to quickly identify any font (free or commercial) from any image. The process is easy, fast, with no need for prior experience and skills, and the software is accurate. You will find in just a few moments for free (there is also a PRO version with awesome things included) the font you are looking for.

Whenever you see a font that you like, take a picture, upload it on the platform and you’ll get the link to help you find it. You can now supercharge your design projects with awesome fonts.

The platform is loaded with over 570k indexed fonts, has a powerful AI software to find fonts and a quick and easy-to-use interface that will guide you. Founded in 2010 by tech guys, they invested over 20,000 hours of hard work to a system to recognize fonts, even the cursive ones.

The first step is to upload the picture of the font you are looking to identify.

find font from image

They will try to automatically separate the letters. For cursive fonts, you’ll have to separate each letter with the advanced image editor. The image editor works great and it’s easy to use.

In our case, the software did the work automatically.

insert characters

WhatFontIs will show over 60 fonts very similar to the one in the uploaded image, followed by links to pages from where you can download or buy them.

font display

At this step, you already know the name of the font, if it’s free for personal use or paid, and the link where to get it from.

As said, the process took a few minutes. For me, it was a brilliant surprise for how WhatFontIs worked.

Fonts are super important, since 1816 when William Caslon IV created the first typeface. With WhatFontIs you will improve your work and save tons of time. If a client tells you: “Mike, I want you to use Nike’s font“, you now have the solution.