30 Unconventional Christmas Trees You Haven’t Seen Before

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Well, you know what season this is. Everywhere you go there are Christmas jingles and chimes in shopping malls, on the radio or online. That’s the sign that you should get started on two things: your Christmas shopping and how to start decorating your Christmas tree!

If you’re heading out to get a tree to decorate and brighten the spirit in your home but want to do something unique and outstanding this year, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of very interesting, out of the ordinary, simply dashing Christmas trees from all over, to give you some ideas. Some are made of cans, sushi, CD shards, beer bottles, teddy bears and well, we don’t want to spoil the surprise (but do check out this list until the very last item)!

Moutain Dew Cans Christmas Tree

(Source: Mountain Dew Tree)

Pure Gold Christmas Tree

(Source: Today)

Gold Tree
Glass Christmas Tree

(Source: Laura Bielecki)

Wine Cork Christmas Tree

(Source: Pinterest)

Cork Tree
Bookshelf Improvisation Christmas Tree

(Source: Juniper Books)

Books Tree
Ribbons Christmas Tree

(Source: WhipperBerry)

Ribbon Tree
Mirrored Christmas Tree

(Source: Michael Johansson)

Merry Tree
Balloon Christmas Tree

(Source: Milk Magazine)

Recycled Paper Craft Christmas Tree

(Source: Interior Provisions)

Recycled Tree
Sushi Christmas Tree

(Source: Walyou)

Sushi Tree
LED Christmas Tree

(Source: ZedoMax)

LED Tree
CD & Cassette Christmas Tree

(Source: Gadget Review)

The Rocks Christmas Tree

(Source: The Rocks)

Teddy Bear Tree
PAC-MAN Christmas Tree

(Source: Favim)

Pacman Tree
Mobile Phone Christmas Tree

(Source: VeryVietnam)

Hubcaps Christmas Tree

(Source: Worleygig)

Hubcap Tree
Steel Christmas Tree

(Source: PBase)

Heineken Beer Bottles Christmas Tree

(Source: Oddity Central)

Heineken Tree
Teddy Bear Christmas Tree

(Source: Sparklette)

Teddy Bear Tree
Christmas Tree In Beirut

(Source: LA Times)

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree

(Source: Luxuo)

Swarovski Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree In Madrid

(Source: Enric Archivell)

Madrid Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree In Varna

(Source: Panoramio)

Varna Tree
Christmas Tree In Brazil

(Source: CBS News)

Brazil Tree
Hillside Christmas Tree

(Source: CatholicVote)

Hillside Tree
Illuminated Building Christmas Tree In Tokyo

(Source: The Telegraph)

Building Tree
Christmas Tree In Germany

(Source: LA Times)

Germany Tree
LEGO Christmas Tree

(Source: The Verge)

Sprite Bottle Christmas Tree

(Source: Demilked)

Sprite Bottle Tree
Traffic Light Christmas Tree

(Source: William Warby)

Traffic Light Tree
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