60 Handpicked Beautiful Tumblr Themes

In today’s social networking world, people seek to post their everyday observations and opinions on their blog in the quickest manner possible. Tumblelog is a form of microblogging which enables users to post texts, images, videos, etc, such that their followers can receive up-to-date entries. The birth of Tumblr to facilitate such postings. We do understand the same old great criterias about Tumbr but what is it that makes it thick? Speaking of themes, Tumblr’s competitors also provide themes for their users but they may not be free and attractive in the same time.

Beautiful themes can attract visitors to your blog and compel them to read your posts. It is of the user’s advantage to use a gorgeous theme for their blogs draw more attentions and followers. Else than attracting more readers and business possibilities, a theme is your identity and it differentiate you from other users.

Here are 60 great Tumblr themes which we have consider them as the more unique and elegant ones across numerous Tumblelogs. Enjoy!


A simple theme for showcasing photos.


This Tumblr blog greets visitors with a unique design, putting eyes at ease with its easy-to-navigate menu.

Digital Moleskine

A greyscale background mimics news print, bringing special attention to colored images posted.


A Tumblr theme inspired by Esquire magazine.


Orange fonts and white space against a wooden background; It all goes well in this theme.


This simple Tumblr theme allows visitors to choose from a number of colour themes for their own preference.


If you want to place several sections at one go for your visitors to see, this is the theme.


Hand-written notes pasting all over Tumblr leave behind a nice casual feeling.

Jeff Finley

Sharp black-and-white theme along with simple buttons enhance readibility and navigability for visitors.


Dark background provides a good contrast against light font colors and colorful images.

Museum Theme

A good theme for showcasing several sections within a page.


As the title of this Tumblr suggests, this theme creates a serious and business-like ambience for your site.

Karen Abad

A lighthearted theme comprising of various layers of cutesy illustrations which will undoubtedly liven up visitors who stumble upon this Tumblr.


This original Tumblr theme features the author holding in his hand his posts, as if to say, “This is what I think”.


A clean and minimalistic theme like this prevents unnecessary distractions from what the author wishes to express.


Yet another theme good for showcasing many sections at one go. As the title suggests, it’s great for showcasing photos.


A postage-inspired theme for your Tumblr? Cute.


A simple blue theme for your Tumblr


Minimalistic Tumblr with light background and nice fonts go easy with eyes.

Phobic Man

A dark theme with bluish images, buttons and icons.

Funkytional Sezeen

A clean background with white and grey gradient and grey icons.


Simple clutter-free design draws attention to where it matters most: the content.


Mini paperclip icons with white post-it notes look-alike for your posts.

The Fisherman’s Friend

A well-designed theme inspired by a fisherman out at sea. It makes one feel as if one is reading diary entries from a fisherman at sail.

It’s the Interweb

A Tumblr theme unlike any other, which allows visitors to scroll through various images in a square. Clicking on any of them brings them to a new link.


Moving your mouse across these bars expands them so that you can see what inside. Each bar links you to a new page.

Royal Ribbon

This theme is a refined way of showing your posts and contents. The soft colors and the clean icons augment readability without compromising the aesthetics.


This theme creates a feeling of being submerged underwater, seeing all the bubbles reflecting the colorful lights from above.


A metaphor of writing your blog and posts on your desk, with your iPhone, car keys, stationaries and of course, your notepad.

Panda Classics Recycled

Doesn’t this reminds you of the Penguin Classics book series? Indeed this theme was inspired by them. Unfortunately, copyright laws mandate that no similar penguin logo can be used for such theme, so it had been replaced by a panda.

Transparent Theme

A blend of overlapping colors serves as the background for this theme.


An interesting theme with columns of various colors by the side of the Tumblr.

Bus Full of Hippies

Flowers, leaves and grasses sprawling out of your posts, giving it a very natural and green feel.


One of, if not the most minimalistic Tumblr theme around, with simply white background and grey/black fonts. Yet, its typography complements such clean designs very well.


This design is pretty much paper-based, with a white paper(for posts) lying on top of its greyish recycled paper background.

Doodling in Class

Remember those days when you doodle in class, unknowingly coming up with creative designs? This theme lets you relive those moments with its hand-drawn icons on a piece of foolscap paper.

Vintage Stripes

Vintage stripes and brown background as a theme.


This whole Tumblr is almost all grey except for the hyperlinks. The posts seem to be written atop a piece of grey cardboard.


Great typography utilized in this theme with soothing light blue as the background. Red colors are used as buttons, titles as well as hyperlinks, which direct attention for visitors.

Vanilla Pod

Cute icons and buttons and a light background with vague flower prints.


A black Tumblr theme with TV screen-like tiles serving as background.


A very sci-fi theme with cool typography. There is also a choice of ‘light’ and ‘dark’ mode for your theme.


Inspiration drawn from the poster for the classic Vertigo film by Alfred Hitchcock.

Dream Theme

Floral burst theme with light cyan and dark pink.


An interesting theme mimicking the iPhone, except that it has a black background.

Royal Cameleon

A good match of colors between cyan and red against a grey surface.

Color Shades

This theme allows you a choice of several colour themes for your liking.

Colorful Space

A Tumblr theme with buttons of the three primary colours: Red, yellow and blue.


Various shades of blue, white fonts and nice, small typography.

Dainty Fresh

A theme for Tumblr that calls upon the daintiness of feminine hygiene products from an era gone by.

Boston Polaroid

Simplistic black-and-white theme with some shades of grey.

Random Daze

This theme is basically hand-written all over, even the post. Unique typography.

This Is A Tumblelog

A very simple theme using only different shades of blue for the background and the fonts.

The Writer That Type v0.2

Fancy that old-fashioned typewriter style of posting your entries? Check this out.

Be Original

Pieces of torned-out papers sticking on top of a blue gradient surface.


A very neat layout for a theme, comprising of purple background, green buttons and white spaces for your post entries.

Strange Little Town

A spooky little town beneath the vast starry purple sky serve as the background for this theme.


The embossing of the title and the sleek design creates a sense of reliability to the site.


This is a very professional and aesthetically pleasing piece of work. Visitors are greeted with a series of thumbnails which link to full images upon clicking on them.

Coffee Shop

Anyone craving for caffeine? The heading of this theme include an animation of a cup of coffee emitting its fine aroma.