Fun MacOSX Leopard Tricks to Fool Your Friends

MacOSX comes with tons of hidden keyboard shortcuts. It’s hard to find out if you have not explore throughly. Here are some of the odd, and yet funny tricks you can do on your friend’s new Mac just for the sake of fun.

Here are some keyboard shortcuts that allows you to perform these effects in split second. You’ll be surprise how many Mac users do not know how they are done.

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Zoom In / Out

Okay, this is not the best of all but still it may trick some. Mac comes with screen zoom in/out function. The keyboard shortcut here is:

Zoom In

Command + Option + +

Zoom Out

Command + Option +

If it does not work for you, it’s probably the zoom control is locked. Here’s how you trigger zoom control lock/unlock

Toggle Zoom On/Off

Command + Option + 8


mac tricks

I’m not sure if constrasting your screen is really useful but there is such shortcut in Mac to turn your screen into constrast mode. Here’s how you do it:

To increase contrast, keep pressing

Control + Option + Command + .

To decrease contrast, keep pressing

Control + Option + Command + ,


mac tricks

Inverting turns the screen to opposite colors, so if will not hurt the eye when you are staring at the screen in dark. However for those who do not know Mac is capable of inverting your screen, they might think its a problem with their LCD. Invert screen stays even after reboot the Mac, so either you know where to change it back else it’s going to stay forever. Here’s how you invert a Mac screen:


Control + Option + Command + 8

Have Fun Trying

The ugliest of all would probably be a combinition of Invert + Contrast, and it will look something like this:

mac trick