Carry 2 SIM Cards In 1 iPhone With The SIM+

Editor’s note: The SIM+ was unsuccessful funded on Kickstarter.

There are some of us who have more than one phones to our name. One could be for work, assigned by the company we work for, and the other for our personal use, to keep track of family and friends. It’s a bit of a hassle to be carrying two phones around. The margin for error increases when you are travelling.

If however you hold an iPhone, here’s where you can use two lines in one iPhone. The SIM+, is developed by Sumchi & TJ from Digirit, and it lets you carry two SIM cards in the same iPhone.

It actually comes in as a protective casing for your iPhone 5 but with an extension that allows you to switch between two SIM cards in your iPhone.

how the sim+ looks on iphone 5

The casing that covers the side and back part of the iPhone is made out of plastic while a layer of anodized finish aluminum covers the SIM cards portion, protecting it from external harm.

break down of the sim+ casing

You can insert a nano SIM card in the first slot and a micro SIM card on the second slot. If you want to insert two nano SIM cards instead, this is possible as The SIM+ comes with a nano-to-micro adapter.

how the sim card part looks like

It takes around 45 to 60 seconds for your iPhone to detect and receive reception when you first insert the SIM cards.

Now, here is how it works. You can’t receive incoming messages or calls from both SIM cards simultaneously. A timed interval option is built into the system to let you switch between the two cards.

The SIM+ will alternate in between SIM cards to check for messages/calls.

the sim application in settings

For now, The SIM+ is only available for iPhone 5. The creator require pledges for $30,000 for the production of The SIM+, and as of right now it has up to $2400 by 39 backers. By pledging The SIM+ for $52 now, you’ll received one set of The SIM+ around May 2013, if this project gets funded through.