Svgsus – Free SVG Organizer & Editor for Mac

As more browsers adopt SVG support, it’s becoming easier to use vector images on the web. SVGs are natural vectors that can scale automatically without quality loss.

After you’ve designed enough of these icons, you can get lost digging through your computer to find just the right file. That’s where Svgsus comes in handy.

This 100% free SVG app lets you organize, search, and edit your own library of SVG files. You can choose to organize SVGs based on library style or by relationship.

Svgsus ships by default with a material design SVG icon pack and you’re free to add more of your own.

Since this is a Mac-only tool, it’s limited to OS X users. So, it’s great for Sketch users and developers who work with SVGs on their websites.

You can rearrange SVGs by name, labels, and file size. You can also browse by libraries you created, all organized at the bottom of the app into local icon packs.

But, I’m most impressed with the native support for software and development programs. You can literally drag an SVG icon from Svgsus and drop it directly into a code editor. This will auto-translate the SVG into XML paths if you prefer to edit with code.

This feature also supports alternate libraries such as CAShapeLayers and third-party programs such as Sketch. You can also drag/drop icons into any major Adobe program such as Photoshop.

But, the coolest feature is how you can add any vector shape from your clipboard directly to Svgsus.

Svgsus animation

If you select a shape in any design program and press CMD+C you can then paste it into Svgsus for saving. You’ll be able to create your own iconset and even a new folder for any icons you add into the app.

And, did I mention this is all 100% free? It’s a powerful organizing tool for designers who constantly find themselves digging through folders of SVG vector graphics.

You can download a copy from App Store and find loads of cool tricks in this guide teaching how to use Svgsus in your everyday workflow.