40 Awesome iMessages Sticker Packs for iOS 10

Stickers have been available on social messaging apps like Line, Telegram, WeChat Twitter, and Facebook’s Messenger and are now coming to Messages on iOS 10. One can send stickers as part of the conversation, like how they would send emoji or emoticons, or they could even stick these stickers onto a photo before sending it off.

If you are new to this and would like to try it out, here are 40 sticker packs to get you started on Messages. Note that for these sticker packs to work, you have to be on iOS 10. This also means the receiver of these stickers will also have to be on iOS 10 in order to be able to fully appreciate them. All sticker packs listed here are free unless stated otherwise.

Disney Stickers: Mickey Mouse ($1.99)
Mickey Mouse
Cut the Rope (Free)
Cut the Rope
WWF Origami (Free)
WWF Origami
Frozen ($1.99)
Disney Sticker: Princess ($1.99)
Kleptocats (Free)
Disney Stickers: Finding Dory ($1.99)
Finding Dory
Disney Stickers: Lion King ($1.99)
Lion King
Disney Stickers: Stitch ($1.99)
Cookie Monster (Free)
Cookie Monster
Disney Stickers: Zootopia ($1.99)
Disney Stickers: Beauty and the Beast ($1.99)
Beauty and the Beast
Super Mario Run (Free)
Super Mario Run
Disney Stickers: Inside Out ($1.99)
Inside Out
Stickymappers (Free)
Disney Stickers: Cats and Dogs ($1.99)
Cats and Dogs
Star Wars ($1.99)
Star Wars
Anitate ($1.99)
Iconfactory Dino Stickers ($0.99)
Iconfactory Dino Stickers
PBS Kids (Free)
PBS Kids
Aardman Face Bomb Sticker Pack (Free)
Angry Birds Stickers (Free)
Angry Birds
Cats Animated ($1.99)
Cats Animated
Kelso the Pomeranian ($0.99)
Kelso the Pomeranian
Bubbly Pico! (Free)
Bubbly Pico
Comic Sticker Pack ($0.99)
Comic Sticker Pack
Sticker Pals (Free)
Sticker Pals
Echo the Cat (Free)
Echo the Cat
Retro Emoji (Free)
Retro Emoji
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