20 Social Experiment Videos You Should Watch

Social experiments are a great way to have a broader understanding of how humans think and act. What used to be a limited activity conducted mostly by researchers is now widely done by regular people like you and me, seeking for answers to what ifs and what will happen? Best of all, these social experiments are available to watch on YouTube.

From determining how kids and teenagers act when their parents aren’t looking, to discovering how the general public will react to racism, abuse or violence, these 20 social experiment video clips will surely give you an in-depth look into humanity.

The Hidden Dangers Of Social Media

How easy is it for pedophiles to pick up underage girls using social media? Coby Persin makes a fake profile to contact these girls, and got the parents in on the experiment as well.

A Homeless Child Freezes In The Cold. Who Will Help?

OckTv tries to find out who will take which sort of action when faced with the possibility of watching a “homeless child” freeze to death.

Would you steal from the homeless?

DmPranksProductions, a channel famous for its pranks also stages social experiments from time to time. In this video, they stage a situation to see if people are willing to steal money from a sleeping homeless man who was unaware of a big donation.

Taxi Drivers Drive Then Save “Suicidal” Men

fouseyTUBE stages a suicide attempt to raise awareness and to show that there are people in the world who do “care" though you might be surprised to find out who.

Man Asks How Generous Are We

DmPranksProductions, also made an alternate channel, this time focusing more on social experiments. Here we have someone who forgot their wallet, asking for generous people for a dollar to buy a drink.

Homeless Man Help Look for Missing Child

Johal, a channel that helps the homeless, experiences firsthand that even the homeless will put a missing child ahead of a hungry stomach.

Left in Hot Car: Baby vs Dog

TwinsTV stages a situation where they leave a “baby” and a “dog” inside a car with no open windows. The last part will shock you.

Deport the Illegals – The Public Speaks Up

In this video, UDY Pranks tries to see if Americans do agree with “Deporting” illegal immigrants. Things get heated up pretty quickly on the streets. Then they took it to a college campus which triggered an amazing reaction.

Do You Have The Time To Help The Blind?

In this experiment, xCodShots impersonate a blind man and asks members of the public if they are willing to help a blind man get to the library.

Do you Think you’re attractive?

Cordero Roman takes to the street to check if people love their self image enough to confidently say that they are attractive or at least that they like themselves.

All It Takes Is A Puppy To Abduct A Child

Joey Salads take to the park with a cute puppy to test how much it takes to get kids to follow a stranger out of the park. Watch in horror as he does this in full view of the mothers, who were sure their kids would not talk to him, let alone follow him home.

Would You Step In and Stop Child Abuse On The Street?

The team at NormelTV along with two child actors stage a situation to see if people are willing to take a step up and stop the abuse.

How Would People Act When No One Is Watching?

Josh gave people some money for an interview and setups a homeless man close to the venue, asking for change. See how people react when they think no one is watching.

Killing The Homeless VS Helping The Homeless

HoomanTV carried two different signs "No More Homeless" and "Help the Homeless" Which sign would catch more attention? The results will shock you.

12 Year Old Borrows A Light For A Smoke

PrankNation is a channel that makes pranks and social experiments in Australia. In this video, they make a 12 year old ask to borrow a lighter. How many will offer him one?

Can I Borrow Your Phone? (Rascism Experiment)

Key Fork TV is known for making Social Experiments about racism and this video is no exemption. Two people of two different races try to borrow a phone to make an important phone call.

Pregnant Girlfriend Abused By Boyfriend – What Would You Do?

What would you do if you see domestic violence in the streets? A pregnant girlfriend gets verbally abused on the streets of London. Who will step up to stop the abuse?

Does Changing the Clothes Change the Woman?

Harley Quinn conducts an experiment where she checks if how people treat her is based on what she is wearing.

10 Hours of Walking in NYC (Casual vs Hijab)

In this experiment, AreWeFamousNow tries to see if it makes a difference when one wears casual clothing versus wearing a Hijab (a veil worn by muslim women which covers the head and chest) on the streets of New York.

Have you picked up a lesson or two from these social experiments? If you’re looking for more social experiments to watch beyond these 20, you can subscribe to the channel but do take note that some of these social experiment channels also double as prank channels! Do share your favorite social experiment channel in the comments below!