TikTok’s New Keyboard Shortcuts

TikTok, the social media platform gradually becoming the go-to place over others like Facebook, Instagram, etc., is predominantly used on mobile devices. Users swipe up and down to navigate through videos, tap once to pause, and double tap to like a video.

TikTok keyboard shortcuts

But did you know that the desktop version also supports shortcut keys?

For those browsing TikTok on a desktop browser or their desktop app, there are keyboard shortcuts available. They are few but sufficient to navigate through TikTok without the need for a mouse.

Here are the newly added keyboard shortcuts TikTok has introduced.

Keyboard Shortcuts for TikTok on Desktop

  • – Go to the previous video
  • – Go to the next video
  • L: Like a video
  • M: Mute and unmute a video

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