Print Web & Mobile UI Templates With Sketchsheets

The best way to plan a new mobile UI is with rough wireframe sketching. You can quickly put down ideas onto paper and compare different ideas side-by-side without being limited by a mouse & keyboard.

The problem is it can be expensive to buy sketchbooks or templates from print companies. Instead you should use Sketchsheets which offers custom print templates for free that you can download & print yourself.

These come in many different device styles and they’re perfect for sketching your own app UIs on a budget.

sketch sheets homepage

The website offers all these templates for free so you’ll only be paying for the ink and printer paper.

Most of the templates target specific devices but there are a few web-oriented sketch sheets for creating website wireframes with pencil and paper.

Here’s a full list of all the devices:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 6
  • iPad
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • Nexus 5x
  • Apple Watch
  • Web browsers

Each device comes with a set of different templates for vertical and horizontal orientation. The web pack also has different browser widths so you can sketch responsive layouts with ease.

And each pack comes with PNGs and PDFs so you can choose between blank templates and dot-grid templates. These sketch sheets are the most comprehensive free resources you’ll find for sketching your own wireframes.

dot grid pdf template

I always prefer to start with grid sketching and this site is by far the best resource to get started. You’ll save a lot of money printing your own templates and you have a lot more control to choose which templates you like best regarding size, shape, and orientation.

To download your own wireframe sheets just visit the Sketchsheets website and sort by whatever device you’re looking for. Then select whatever catches your eye and hit "download". You’ll get a ZIP pack with all the files you need click "print" start sketching your ideas.

sketchsheets sorting