Beautiful One-Page Website Designs to Inspire You

One-page websites let visitors find everything quickly and easily on a single page. Some people wonder if a one-page layout can truly meet the needs of a blogger, freelancer, or website owner. In this article, we’ll share 20 one-page designs that are not only easy to use but also get the job done well.

It’s one thing to put all your content on one page. But, can you make sure visitors stay, read, and keep scrolling till the end? We’ve found 15 designs that achieve this, plus 5 more that have cool features like page scroll effects, exciting transitions, parallax menus, and other small yet powerful effects that hold the reader’s attention.

Anthony Fonte
One-page design by Anthony Fonte
One-page design by Epipheo
Simple As Milk
One-page design by Simple As Milk
Big Data
Design showcasing Big Data
Evi Hermans
Design by Evi Hermans
BarCamp Omaha
One-page design for BarCamp Omaha
Dogs Inc
Design for Dogs Inc
Chilicon Graphic
One-page design by Chilicon Graphic
Design by Aprijic
Dash Creative
One-page design by Dash Creative
Hum Creative
One-page design by Hum Creative
Frank Rapacciuolo
Design by Frank Rapacciuolo
Bullet PR
One-page design for Bullet PR
Hype 4
One-page design by Hype 4
One-page design by TriplAgent