14 Beautiful (Premium) Parallax Scrolling WordPress Themes

Portfolios are what speaks to your clients on your behalf. They let your work do the selling for you, sometimes leaving an impression that is hard to ignore on the side of the clients. Curating your portfolio thus requires an high level of dedication on your part. Truth be told, creating portfolios require a lot of effort and sometimes a bit from the budget as well.

However, when you look in the right places, you will be able to find diamonds in the rough for free. In this post, I am listing 14 beautiful parallax scrolling WordPress Themes you can install.

Parallax Scrolling In A Nutshell

Parallax Scrolling is a technique in which the background image of a website moves slower than the foreground elements or images when the page is scrolled, creating an illusion of depth and motion. The result are stunning effects that impress visitors to your page.

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14 Parallax Scrolling WordPress Themes

Live – Live is one of its kind when it comes to amazing parallax scrolling effects, and with HTML5 and AJAX, this theme is certainly one of the best themes out in the market. [View Demo] | [Buy Theme]

Ego – Ego offers unlimited colour combinations to choose from and create your own unique site design. [View Demo] | [Buy Theme]

Amaze – Amaze combines some of the best CSS3 animations, which appears when scrolling through the page, and really amazes. [View Demo] | [Buy Theme]

Status – Status is well suited for business sites, and presents a large slider at the first section of the page, to greet your visitors with your messages. [View Demo] | [Buy Theme]

Persona – Persona features a customizable "Tweet Section" that appears on the splash screen and shows any tweet you want. [View Demo] | [Buy Theme]

Montreal – Montreal focuses on a single changing background image for every section, rather than focusing on different backgrounds for different section. [View Demo] | [Buy Theme]

Impress – Impress has a retro kind of look combined with an amazing background scrolling effect, and each section looks like a separate paper sheet. [View Demo] | [Buy Theme]

Eleven – Eleven has a unique and amazing portfolio gallery, which lets you organize your work according to categories and sort them instantly when a certain category is chosen. [Buy Theme]

Parallaxr – Parallaxr is a unique theme which unlike others has a horizontal parallax scrolling effect, and with smooth scrolling. <[Buy Theme]

The Road – The Road has a unique gallery called "iGallery" which combines certain pictures in a group, and displays a preview of the images in the group on hover, a nice visual effect for your visitors. [Buy Theme]

Pulsar – Pulsar unlike others utilize the whole available screen area to display the content, making the content area spacious and clutter-free. [View Tutorial] | [Buy Theme]

Dreamer – Dreamer is a classic theme that features sharp design and advance features such as CSS animations to show your skills, and swap-able contact information and contact form. [View Demo] | [Buy Theme]

Encore – Encore is the perfect theme for music artists or the music industry as it is perfectly blended with the feel of music. [View Demo] | [Buy Theme]

More: Parallax Scrolling Scripts

If you have a working theme but would still like to have the parallax effect on your site, here are a few resources to help you add that touch of parallax scrolling magic.

  • skrollr – skrollr is a JS library for adding parallax scrolling effect, including advanced scrolling effects.
  • Jarallax – Another JavaScript library that lets you create parallax scrolling animations in a jiffy.
  • Stellar.js Just add .stellar() to the element and you are done.
  • Super Scroll Orama – Awesome parallax scrolling effects, with great animations schemes.
  • jQuery Parallax – Remember the Parallaxr theme featured in this article? Well this JS library offers a way to create such effect easily.