Resize & Convert SVG to PNG (Online) with myScale

SVGs are incredibly useful to designers who need scalable graphics. You’ll find dozens of SVG tools and programs that let you resize and export SVGs from your Mac or Windows machine.

But, what about editing SVGs in the browser? Wouldn’t it be great to resize & export SVGs with just a few clicks, no software needed?

That’s exactly the purpose of myScale and it handles the task well. This free web app lets you upload any SVG file, input the exact dimensions you want, then export that as a PNG.

It seems like a really simple tool but it handles a lot of processing on the backend. Converting SVGs to PNGs isn’t the easiest task in the world.

All code for this app is open-sourced and available on GitHub, so you can check it out if you’re curious. This also means you can download the files and host them locally on your own web server (100% JavaScript).

If you’re a heavy Illustrator-user then you might not find much use for this web app, though.

But, sometimes you won’t have access to Illustrator and other times you won’t want to bother digging around the interface. myScale offers a simplified method for SVG conversion:

  1. Upload your .svg file.
  2. Input the width in pixels (maintains the aspect ratio automatically).
  3. Click “Generate” to preview the output, then click “Download” to get your PNG.

This can all be done with just a browser and Internet access. You can use this on freebie iconsets you already have on your computer, or you can browse through icon search engines to find SVGs to resize.

Since you’re uploading a pure vector graphic, you get no data loss whatsoever. You can export a 100px icon or a 1000px icon, the quality should be exactly the same.

Upload SVG myScale

Take a peek at the homepage and give it a try. You may find this web app a little easier to use than Illustrator, Sketch, or any similar graphics editing program.