Iconfinder an Icon Search Engine

If you are looking for icons for UI designs, now you don’t have to browse through a big list, looking for something in particular. Instead, you can look be more specific. Iconfinder is a icon search engine. It’s simple as type in the keyword, search and get the results. Very similar to Goolge Image to image searching.

Icons are in .PNG format but you are advised to double check with its licensing before using them for commercial usage.

icon search engine

More on Iconfinder

  1. Subscribe feed – To get the latest updates on icons, subscribe to the Iconfinder RSS feed.
  2. Mac Widget – Here’s a Iconfinder widget for MacOSx, comes in handy if you want to search for incons without going to the website.

    icon search widget

  3. Submit Icon – If you have icons to contribute, send them to martin.leblanc[at]gmail.com”> in compressed format.