How to Remotely Access Mac From Your Tablet

Tired of working on your Mac and wish you can complete your work from an iPad or Android tablet? You are definitely not alone. The tablet is made for many reasons, and one of it is to enhance your mobile working experience. Put aside your heavy and bulky laptop, leave your desktop at home, go out only with your iPad or Android tablet and you can still get your work done.

With tablet in your hand, you can practically work anywhere you want. In this article, will guide you on how to remotely access your Mac from your iPad or even your Android tablet, with Mocha Lite, the free remote server app for your tablet. This way, you can do anything on your Mac via your iPad or Android tablet.

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Allow Remote Access From Mac

To start remote access of your Mac from iPad, go to System Preferences on your Mac and select Sharing.


Now make sure to ‘check’ on Remote Login, File Sharing and Screen Sharing. When checked, click on the Screen Sharing and go to Computer Settings.


An option panel will appear, check ‘VNC viewers may control…’ and set the password, then click ‘OK’.

VNC Password

Get Remote Access From your Tablet

Connect your iPad to the same Wi-Fi connection as your Mac. When you have completed the steps on your Mac, go to the App Store from your iPad and download Mocha Lite. Mocha Lite is also available for your Android tablet.

Mocha Lite

Once installed, open the Mocha Lite app, go to Configuration and click on New to add a new configuration.

Add New

Now fill up the configuration settings with your server address as well as Mac OS X user ID and password. To easily locate the VNC server address, click on the small blue arrow.

Select ID Address

Then select your computer. This is detectable since you are connected under the same WiFi connection.

Select Mac

When selected, go to the ‘Connect’ tab on the left and tap on your Mac on the list.


The connection will begin, and when connected, you will see your Mac desktop on your iPad, and you can remotely control it with your finger tap. Notice at the bottom right of your iPad screen, there is a small arrow, click on it to reach main control options.


When you click on the arrow, a control menu will appear with options to view keypad, main menu, enter button, screen adjustment and screen lock.

Control Menu


One more great thing about working with the iPad is a longer battery life compared to a laptop. Remotely access your Mac from your iPad and Android tablet and you can start leaving your home or office for that park bench or cafe down the street to get a change of scenery.