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Beautiful and Creative Single-Page Portfolio Websites

Note: This post was first published on the 9th August, 2010. Portfolios is a way of life in web business and we all know it is prominent. Prominent ho…

Freelancing and Co-Working: Best of Both Worlds

Discover the benefits of combining freelancing and co-working to boost productivity and creativity. Find out how to make the most of both worlds.

Tribute to Street Fighter: 55 Beautiful Artwork

Discover stunning Street Fighter artworks in this tribute post. Perfect for fans of the game and art enthusiasts alike.

60+ Attractive PlayStation Games Cover Design

An attractive, visually appealing cover is probably one of the foremost steps for a PS3 game company to persuade gamers to buy their product. Therefor…

5 Photography Tips for First-time DSLR Users

Improve your photography skills with these 5 tips for amateur photographers. From composition to lighting, learn how to take better photos.

30 Gifts for Geeks and Nerds

The approach of the word geek has changed significantly over time, and there is no longer a definitive definition. Words like a dork, nerd, dweeb, spo…

Beautiful iPad Finger Painting, Vol.1

Discover stunning iPad fingerpainting artwork and learn how to create your own masterpieces with our helpful tips and tricks.

Eco-Friendly Design Tutorials and Resources Round-Up

Discover eco-friendly design tutorials and resources in this round-up. Learn how to design sustainably and make a positive impact on the environment.

Bokeh Photography, Vol. 1

Discover stunning examples of bokeh photography and learn how to create your own magical bokeh effect. Perfect for any photography enthusiast!

Logo Design Inspiration: 30 Creative Green Logos

The color green holds positive connotation for human perception which makes it a perfect color to create a logo in. From environmental and organic foo…

Beginner’s Guide to SEO Best Practices (Part 3/3)

We’ve reached part three of the SEO guide series. So far we’ve looked at: Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization, Part I – Keyword res…