Nanoreset – The Tiniest CSS Reset Weighing Less than 1KB

Free and extremely light CSS reset library measuring less than 1KB and works efficiently on nmp and Yarn.

Most developers would never want to build a site completely from scratch. This leaves two options: work with a frontend framework or use a custom reset.

The most popular reset is Normalize which formats all browser default styles the same, making it easier to keep consistency across different OS’ and browsers.

If you try Normalize you’ll probably love it. But Nanoreset is another option that’s built for speed.

nanoreset library

This free reset library measures a crazy 950 bytes when minified. That’s probably the smallest reset I’ve ever seen to date.

It supports all major browsers and customizes all basic page elements for all rendering engines. You just include the Nanoreset CSS file into your page or merge it with your stylesheet using a code minifier.

And this free reset couldn’t be easier to use. It works through package managers npm and Yarn so you can download a copy straight from the terminal window. Or you can nab a copy from an online CDN which may help speed up the load time.

The CDN files also let you embed this reset into CodePen or any online cloud IDE. This way you can test the reset in your browser without downloading a single file.

css resets with nanoreset

If you’d like to see how the page looks by default have a peek at this demo also hosted on GitHub. It’s certainly not a pretty sight but it gives you an idea of the defaults you have to work with.

This library is released under the MIT license so it’s open sourced and available for all types of web projects.

Everything you need to get started can be found on the main GitHub repo so that’s the place to go for toying around with Nanoreset.