Create Beautiful “Call to Action” Buttons With This Library

Every great homepage needs a strong call-to-action (CTA) button. This guides visitors towards whatever action you want them to take, whether it’s signing up for a new account or purchasing something from your e-commerce shop.

But you don’t have to create CTAs from scratch. You can either go for dozens of custom CSS3 buttons all over the web or use a similar tool that can make things easier for you.

Open Color – UI-Optimized color scheme for designers

Open Color – UI-Optimized color scheme for designers

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One tool I really like in this regard is this gradient button library created by Colorion. It has got dozens of custom gradient combinations with really cool hover effects.

colorion gradient gallery

Just a quick scroll down the page should show you how much there is to pick from. Colorion must have at least 100+ buttons in this collection, and new gradient combos are added every so often.

If you see a button style you like just click the “get code” link underneath. From there you can just copy/paste the codes into your webpage and voilà! Beautiful gradient buttons without the strenuous coding.

You can actually dig deeper into Colorion to find a few other color-related tools. Most of them are pretty niche, like the image-to-material generator which takes an image and converts it to a material design color palette.

But their gradient button library is probably the best tool for web designers.

Each hover effect is included with the CSS so you can edit that animation style to suit your design.

gradient css buttons code

If you like designing with gradients then you’ll adore this library.

Granted not all of these buttons can work in every website. But you can likely get most of them working if you center your site around similar gradients.

And if you have any questions or suggestions for the site you can shoot a quick tweet over to the creator @csaba_kissi.