20 Really Creative Wedding Invitation Cards

The season is here and you probably have received a wedding invite or two a couple of months back. A lot of work goes into the preparation for a wedding ceremony and while some wedding invitations are printed or handwritten, they carry a personal touch.

These wedding invitations however have taken the personal touch to another level. Some of these creative invitations will blow your mind, be it the do-it-yourself teepee, an edible invitation card, one inside a can and even a record player that you can play. I’m not going to spoil it any further, take a look for yourself.

20 Event Invitation Designs That’ll Impress Your Guests

20 Event Invitation Designs That’ll Impress Your Guests

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A Double Invite In 3D

Amy aka the bride created these invites to her surprise wedding under the guise of her two year old’s birthday party. With a pair of 3D decoder glasses, guests can get looped in on the double celebration they will be attending.

Image Source: Polka Dot Bride

Adventure for Two

Kitkat Pecson created this Adventure for Two wedding invitations for couples who love to travel as much as they do each other. The invite basically tells the whole love story with colorful maps and cultural references as the backdrop.

Couples who have gone through so much to be together might also be able to appreciate the ambition of this design in trying to depict their journey towards marriage.

Image Source: Kitkat Pecson

Countdown Dial

Here is an incredible and unusual invitation that serves as a makeshift countdown timer to the wedding day itself.

The card has a front wheel that the guest can turn to correctly indicate how many days are left to the wedding day itself. The couple has since tied the knot, back in 2012.

Image Source: Until Sunday

Paper Record Player

Karen is a rights advocate lawyer, and Michael is a Grammy-nominated sound engineer. Music brought them together so it is only fitting that their invite should be delivered in music form.

Their invite is a record player, that when spun, will play a song they wrote together. Watch the video to see how this amazing design works.

Image Source: Kelli Anderson

Teepee Invite

Instead of a regular card that guests will take only one look then put away, why not let them build the invite themselves.

Oh, don’t worry, it will be fun! Like this cutout teepee invite that you can put together with sticks and glue. And it doubles as a nice desk ornament.

Image Source: Wear Device

Amorgos Wedding Invite

Here is an island-inspired wedding invite. The breathtaking Greek island of Amorgos has the perfect sandy beach and picturesque backgrounds for wedding ceremonies.

And all that is clearly shown in this quaint, down-to-earth and truly lovely wedding invite.

Image Source: Wundercloud

Viewmaster Invitations

Here’s another idea you can use to spice up the traditional wedding invite. How about using a Viewmaster to deliver the invitations instead?

Put your pictues into a custom image reel and send it off with the wedding card, and of course a Viewmaster. Guests can check out your photos and have a bit of fun themselves.

Image Source: melangerienyc on Etsy

Your Story Infographic Invitation

Want to tell your love story and send a wedding invite? Do it in an infographic, and put the ceremony details in the back.

The 14.8cm by 42 cm long infographic, bearing vintage illustrations, is folded twice and fitted into an custom envelope. Over 400 couples all over the UK have told their story in this form.

Image Source: RSVP Candy

Retro Polaroid

How about sending your wedding invites like a polaroid. A polaroid sleeve keeps your wedding photo, the invite, RSVP card, map to the venue and other “pieces” of information together in this cute, modern and cheeky way to ask people to save the date.

Image Source: ElloThere on Etsy

Engraved Invite

Here’s an engraved invitation, though not on paper. The invitation is engraved and cut into a 4 mm clear acrylic sheet while the envelope is separately designed and printed with a digital printer.

The invite is designed by the groom himself for his wedding back in 2013.

Image Source: Marcelo Gonçalves Miguel

The Recipe For Love

Any successful concoction is made up of the right ingredients and the right methods – relationships included! Hence, it is perfectly fitting for a wedding invite to be made into a recipe.

This one is a recipe printed on what looks like a chopping board, great for a foodie couple.

Image Source: Joan Lim

Scratch It Off

Let your guests have some fun and scratch the date of your wedding on your invitation card. Here’s a handy DIY guide for you to create this with metallic acrylic paint and dishwashing liquid.

Image Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

A Bubbly Invite

Now here is an invite that may leave you out of breath. It’s a Save the Date sent via balloon. The details are printed onto the balloons, then all you need to do is pick a color. Now that’s what I call a bubbly invitation.

Image Source: not on the high street

Film Canister Invitation

This is a brilliant idea to send a wedding invitation inside an old metal film canister. It takes a bit of winding up to get the whole strip in but it is going to leave guests in awe when they pull out the full invite.

Even the canister itself can be designed to be part of the wedding theme.

Image Source: Oh so lovely blog

Brochure Wedding Invitation

This cool wedding invite is designed by the bride and groom like it is a modern brochure.

Each piece carries beautiful images and typography and although I’m not sure if the images in these wedding invites are of the bride and groom’s own album. That would be great way to personalize it though, wouldn’t it?

Image Source: Paper and Place

Say It With A Can

An invite in a can – now tell me this isn’t interesting. Apart from serving as an envelope for the wedding invite, guests also receive instructions to tie the cans to the back of the couple’s car for the ceremonial “Just Married” drive-away.

Image Source: Chris Trivizas

Board Game & Cookies

Tell your guests that you’re going to get married in a form of an edible board game! The game board elements, spinner, tokens and playing cards are all cookies and you can actually play the game. It’s a “sweet” way to invite your friends to your wedding party.

Image Source: Layered Bake Shop

Bird Pattern Record with Sleeve Invitation

This wedding invitation made of a record with a creative sleeve will show your love for music and vintage things.

The wedding invite itself is printed on the record, which is made of paper so it doesn’t play like the one you saw previously, but still, how often do you see your name printed on a record?

Image Source: ElloThere

Hankerchief Map Invite

Here is another invite fit for the couple who loves to travel. It is basically a map to the wedding venue printed on a hankerchief.

And despite what you think of the material, the outcome looks stunning, plus, unlike other wedding invites which end up as part of the decor or get thrown away, you can actually reuse this wedding invite.

Image Source: Kelli Anderson

A September Love Story

This invitation with an amazing-looking sleeve contains all the favourite love songs from the couple inside a vinyl record.

A truly personal approach and a heartfelt way to tell the guests how they want them all to be part of their moment of unity. The sleeve also shows the groom and bride’s illustrated portrait inside a heart.

Image Source: Veronica Angelescu