10 Best Minimalist Wallets to Hold Everything You Need

These wallets are designed for you to carry basic necessities – the credit cards you use most, a bit of cash, an ID card for work, etc. – and still fit into your back (or front) pocket. Comfort and style aside, they are also secure and primed for quick access to your cards.

Want to replace that bulky and beat up wallet for the holidays? Check out these 10 minimalistic wallet designs for one suited for your personality.

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A super compact and extremely lightweight wallet, Microslim is ideal for those who don’t want bulky pockets. It is ingeniously manufactured using premium genuine leather with an RFID shield integrated.

The wallet is equipped with five pockets that can fit in ten cards or a bunch of money bills with two vertical quick-slide card slots to swiftly take out the cards that you use most frequently.


Apex Wallet

The Apex wallet offers superb compactness, ease of use, and a beautiful design. Made with ultimate precision from aerospace-grade aluminum and custom-made elastic, this slim wallet can hold up to 7 cards along with your money

What I like most is the wallet’s easy-slide ergonomic thumb slot that allows you to slide your card out quickly and easily. It is available in black and silver color with vertical or horizontal orientation and weighs only 1.4 oz.



If you want to carry your cash and cards in a way that they stay organized but don’t feel heavy, then Capsule is for you. It is a truly minimal wallet that’s built with Cash Strap design for easy storage and removal of cash and cards from your wallet.

The Capsule wallet is made with only one material – premium genuine leather that’s soft to touch and durable in use. From the front pocket, you get swift access to your cash and use other slots to carry as many as six cards at a time.


Machine Era

Machine Era is the most minimal wallet you’d have ever seen. It is a two-part wallet with a light aluminum base and an elastic band that is integrated into the contours of the base to keep your cash and cards in place.

One of the things that I liked most about the Machine Era wallet is the rear thumb slot that not only gives you access to the stuff in the back but doubles as a bottle opener as well. You can choose from black or grey color and if the elastic band gets damaged, you can get a replacement for it.


Dash Wallets

Dash wallet started as a Kickstarter project and was generously funded because of its innovative design. Though it weighs less than 25 grams, the wallet has the capacity to hold 15 cards and more than 50 bills at one time.

The most interesting aspect of the Dash wallet is the easy pull tab that enables you to quickly pull out your money or cards. There is also a secret compartment at the back where you can keep your keys or other important objects.



As the name says, Minimo is a simple and minimal wallet that offers high versatility and utter ease of use. made with high-quality aluminum, it can hold up to 10 cards and a whole bunch of cash. There’s also a useful middle plate that works as a divider for your cards.

The best thing about Minimo is that you can customize it in different colors according to your taste. Also, you can keep your most frequently-used swipe card at the outermost position so can swiftly take it out without having to remove it entirely.



Made with patent leather and dashing design, Aniste is yet another wallet that’s absolutely light and compact. You can use it to carry up to 10 cards and a number of money bills folded in half

One of the first things you’ll notice about Aniste wallet is the beautiful look and feel of the leather used in its manufacturing. You can buy it in different finishes with a lifetime warranty from the makers.



SlimFold is the thinnest folding wallet that you can use to keep your cash and cards safe without feeling any weight. It is made with softshell material that’s light and RFID blocking.

The wallet can hold from 8 to 10 cards with additional card slots built-in. Moreover, it is quite durable and waterproof and is made with sustainable materials with the smallest footprint possible.



HuMn offers durable and minimal yet beautiful looking wallets. The base material is aircraft-grade aluminum that’s powder-coated for a bright finish.

The wallet consists of two aluminum plates joined together with a quality elastic band that keeps your bills and cards safely organized. You can even order an expansion plate to hold additional cards.



This may look like an oddly-shaped sheath of leather but in fact, these are minimal, elegant, and totally functional wallets by Leffot. Simple put your cash and cards and fold the wallet to secure them.

The Leffot wallet is made from genuine Horween shell cordovan, which is known for its durability and amazing finish. Though you can use it for a few bills of cash and maximum of 2 cards, still if you’re looking for a one-piece genuine leather wallet then this is it.