30 Geeky Artworks Created Using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel, my boss loves it, I hate it to bits. It’s deadly effective as a tool to organize data, but it’s overwhelmingly boring as well. Honestly, what can I do with Microsoft Excel? Previously, there was only Microsoft Paint and heck, Minesweeper in my Windows 98 work computer. It wasn’t until I surfed the web with IE6 that I stumbled upon the realization that you can actually use Microsoft Excel to draw!

In this post, I would like to showcase to you 30 seriously geeky yet excellent artworks created with Microsoft Excel, i.e. the results of my role as a professional procrastinator. Some of them are games, that work! I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did, and do.

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Megaman X

Looking at this realistic piece, Megaman X’s soundtrack has started playing in my mind.

Source: Sakumoti

megaman x
Megaman Excel

In case you want more Megaman X awesomeness in Excel, here is another one for you!

Source: synbios16

megaman excel
Robo Battle

Megaman X vs. Iron Man, making their debut on the Excel platform! Thanks donkeykonggod for this very cool artwork.

Source: donkeykonggod

robo battle
Sonic & Knickles

Love the color scheme as it makes the art look like a modern retro game!

Source: Jim Silverman

sonic and knickles
Gaming Life

If you didn’t play these before, you still have a childhood, you just missed all the good parts, that’s all.

Source: synbios16

gaming life
Final Fantasy

RPG gamers will surely know these figures!

Source: Jim Silverman

final fantasy

The cute evil king Laharl in Excel! I must say the shading is really impressive, probably the best pixel Laharl I have seen so far. Well done CrowKuroa.

Source: CrowKuroa

Zelda Link

How much detail can an artist go into with Excel? Apparently, this much.

Source: ignite25

zelda link

A character from the Kingdom Heart series. Only a skilled artist like ignite25 could achieve this.

Source: ignite25

Gundam Excel

“I was proctoring finals with nothing to do except watch students, so I decided to give it a try. This image took about 4 hours to do.”

Source: Klunker-Decepticon

gundam excel

“Around 7 hours of ‘work’ here. Now all I have to do is explain this is why the time reports aren’t filled out and completed.”

Source: Klunker-Decepticon


A wild Pikachu appears in Excel!.

Source: CrowKuroa


I choose you, Jolteon! Besides this charming one, you can also get to view Charmander, Squirtle, Haunter, Cyndaquil and Blaziken!

Source: CrowKuroa


Think that only a small Pokémon could exist in the Excel and you’re wrong. Introducing the giant Dialga in Microsoft Excel.

Source: thetokomitsu


I must admit it, thetokomitsu is the professional.

Source: thetokomitsu

Pokémon Yellow

And here you are, 151 Pokémons in Excel! thetokomitsu you are my hero.

Source: thetokomitsu

pokemon yellow
Sex Bob-Omb

It’s the Sex Bob-Omb from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World! Must have taken a lot of planning and hard work though, otherwise it won’t be this awesome!

Source: ignite25

sex bob-omb
Nyan Cat

How could we miss the Nyan Cat if we are talking about the pixel art? It just exists everywhere, including Excel!

Source: oscarit07

nyan cat
Me Gusta

So much win!

Source: thetokomitsu

me gusta
Space Invaders

Don’t miss the classic Space Invaders! They are like Nyan Cat, invading every form of art and Excel is not an exception.

Source: douglas

space invaders
Megaman II

Megaman II is absolutely one of the more classic retro games, and this epic deviant named Serraxor has just reproduced its logo and a complete walk cycle sprite of the Megaman in the Excel!

Source: Serraxor

megaman ii
Bionic Commando

What could be more cool than seeing the Bionic Commando logo in Microsoft Excel?

Source: Serraxor

bionic commando

No, Excel is not for pixel drawing only, it could also be used to draw something epic like this, and here is the proof!

Source: shukei20

X-Wing Fighter

Proudly presenting the realistic X-Wing Fighter illustrated by shukei20! And don’t forget the retro warp text from the Microsoft Office!

Source: shukei20

x-wing fighter
Darth Vader

Be sure to check out how this Darth Vader invades Excel with this video!

Source: shukei20

darth vader

Looks impossible huh? Don’t get cheated, it’s actually generated by a plugin named ExcelArt, which you can get it from the source link.

Source: boydevlin software


Another piece generated by the plugin, now you can impress or cheat anyone with it!

Source: labnol

Super Mario World

Super Mario World revived in Excel! I never thought I would meet Mario again in Excel. Also check out the site for more classic games!

Source: GamesExcel

super mario world
Sonic Excel

If you think the Excel is just for slow games, check out Sonic on Excel. Heck, it’s even as smooth as the console version!

Source: GamesExcel

sonic excel
Paccy Man

Introducing Paccy Man for Excel. Kill boredom even if you’re on Windows 98.

Source: Excel Game

paccy man


The concept in these fan art on Excel is just to color the cells in the right order. But when you start making an illustration from scratch, the workload will really freak you out!

There is a lot of potential things you can do with Microsoft Excel. With the right knowledge of programming, one can even animate the artworks, and make a game out of it! Know your way around Microsoft Excel well enough to make your own artwork, animation or games?

Show us what you’ve got or share with us amazing artwork that you have encountered before. Plenty of space in the comments section for everyone.