Transform Chrome Articles into Readable Text with Mercury Reader

Reader modes that remove various distractions from a website to give you a simple and clean reading experience can be found on browsers like Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari.

Curiously enough, while Chrome for Android does have a built-in reader mode of its own, Chrome for desktop does not have that feature. Fortunately for desktop Chrome users, an extension called Mercury Reader can give you a reader mode like feature.

Once the extension is installed:

  • A "rocket" icon can be found next to the address bar.
  • When an article is opened, clicking on the rocket icon will cause Mercury Reader to display that specific article as a blogpost.

Reader Mode

In reader mode, only the article, headlines, links and pictures will be displayed. Everything else is removed, giving the reader a clean and neat reading experience.

Some other cool features of the Reader Mode include:

  • The "gear" icon located at the upper right hand corner of the article can be used to adjust the text size, font and theme of reader mode.
    customize reader
  • You’ll also be able to share articles to social media or via email as the reader mode houses Facebook, Twitter and Email button at the bottom of the article.
  • Clicking on either of the buttons will open up a window that allows you to manually share the article on the spot.
    share options