5 Parental Control Apps For Your Mac

With dangers lurking in every corner and tons of raw, unfiltered content on the Net, how can you not be worried about what your children are doing online?

Sure, you may already have the built-in Parental Controls on your Mac, but are you sure that these present features are enough to keep your child safe from cyberbullies, adult websites, online predators and scammers.

We got your back. Here are handy tools for the Mac that will help you block unauthorized sites, restrict your child’s computer usage, keep logs of your child’s activities, and many more.

You can easily monitor your children’s online activities at any time by viewing compiled reports and records with these applications.

5 Parental Controls Tips for macOS

5 Parental Controls Tips for macOS

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Norton makes it easy for you to block, monitor, and receive alerts on your child’s online activities.

It’s a comprehensive parental control tool that aims to help you teach your child how to surf the Net safely. Norton compiles a report displaying a list of the websites visited or attempted by your child, which you can filter, then allow or block access to.

You can also set time limits, so you don’t need to pester your children to get off your Mac.

Additionally, you can also keep an eye on the information your child is sharing on social networking sites and the keywords they are searching for online.

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KidLogger is a key logger, activity monitor, and automatic screen capture — all in one free application.

The application logs every keystroke your child types, the applications he or she opened, website history, and even specific details like clipboard text.

There is also the option to capture screenshots periodically, a clever workaround with kids who are savvy enough to clear their tracks.

The saved logs and screenshots in HTML format are then delivered to your kidlogger.net account or deposited into your Dropbox.



Worried about who your child is friends with on Facebook or Twitter? Minormonitor helps you keep track of your child’s Facebook and Twitter activities easily.

Some of its features include notifying you when there is a newly added “friend” having few to no mutual friends with your child.

It also monitors your child’s social activities, such as status updates, shared photos, check-ins, and even private messages.



PureSight is a smart website filter that can overwrite offensive words in incoming and outgoing messages, end a potentially dangerous conversation immediately while blocking the other party and notifying the parents directly.

PureSight has a list of offensive words and continuously tracks IM slangs to weed out the crude language used in the conversations it monitors.

Parents can even add their own words, which may have escaped the list.


Intego’s ContentBarrier

ContentBarrier enables you to block unauthorized sites, offensive languages in chat, impose time limits, and keep logs.

Its advanced features include restricting access to streaming media and file sharing. ContentBarrier even lets you customize different settings for different accounts/children.

This is a great choice for parents with varying ages of children.

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