20 Best Landing Pages WordPress Themes for 2024 (Free and Premium)

Creating the perfect landing page is more than just a design choice; it’s a strategic decision that can significantly impact your online success. Whether you’re a budding blogger, a small business owner, or a digital marketer, a well-designed landing page is your digital handshake, offering a crucial first impression to your audience.

Landing Page WordPress Themes

In our latest article, we showcase 20 outstanding WordPress themes, including both free and premium options, to help you make that impression count.

Each theme is meticulously chosen to cater to various professional needs and aesthetics. From sleek, minimalist designs to feature-rich, interactive layouts, our selection is diverse yet focused. These themes are not just about good looks; they’re about creating engaging, user-friendly experiences that resonate with your audience and drive conversions. Dive into our collection and find the perfect theme that aligns with your vision and amplifies the importance of your landing pages.

Free WordPress Themes for Landing Page

BB Mobile Application
BB Mobile Application WordPress Theme

BB Mobile Application is a free WordPress theme that shines in creating interactive websites for businesses, especially app websites and landing pages. Its design is both elegant and user-friendly, featuring a responsive layout, Slider management, and Custom Backgrounds.

The theme is fast-loading and easy to customize, catering to a broad spectrum of businesses, from mobile apps to corporate sites.

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Buildapp WordPress Theme

Shifting gears to Buildapp, this modern theme is specialized for app showcases. It leverages full-site editing with a block editor, allowing easy tweaks to colors, fonts, and app specifics.

Buildapp is not only WooCommerce compatible but also supports various popular plugins. The layout emphasizes efficiency and speed, aiming to captivate and educate users about your app. This makes it a prime pick for app developers and marketers.

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Teczilla App
Teczilla App WordPress Theme

Teczilla App, a derivative of Teczilla WordPress, targets startups and app landing pages. Its creative design is built on cutting-edge technology, ensuring seamless functionality across devices.

This theme brings to the table WooCommerce readiness, RTL support, and compatibility with leading plugins like Gutenberg and Elementor. Its adaptability makes it a go-to for various app-centric websites.

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VW Mobile App
VW Mobile App WordPress Theme

For promoting mobile apps and tech products, VW Mobile App theme is a solid and adaptable choice. It comes loaded with diverse layout options, post formats, and a responsive design compatible with all devices.

This SEO-optimized theme is multilingual and straightforward to manage, ideal for users with limited coding skills. It’s especially suited for displaying an array of mobile and tech applications.

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Premium Themes for Landing Page

Advent WordPress Theme

Advent offers versatility for marketing and product landing pages. With eight different home page versions, it caters to a variety of requirements, from web apps to sign-up forms. Its block layout provides the flexibility to use sections interchangeably across versions, simplifying the creation of diverse marketing and product landing pages.

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AppOne WordPress Theme

AppOne brings a contemporary flair to app landing pages. This WordPress theme excels in customization, offering unlimited color choices and 12 demo homepages. Its 100% responsive design guarantees a smooth display across all devices.

AppOne is not just about looks; it’s practical for showcasing a range of digital products, from business apps and SaaS applications to digital publications, making it a top pick for a polished online presence.

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Appx WordPress Theme

In contrast, Appx stands as a multipurpose solution for showcasing apps, products, and websites. Thanks to its WPBakery Page Builder integration, it adapts effortlessly to different devices and browsers.

Appx is versatile, suitable for everything from creative agency presentations to software landing pages. It’s an ideal choice for startups, digital marketing initiatives, and app showcases, offering a broad application spectrum.

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Crypt App
Crypt App WordPress Theme

Crypt App dives into the digital currency arena, providing a specialized WordPress theme for cryptocurrency landing pages. Perfectly tailored for digital currency platforms, it supports Bitcoin, ICO promotions, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

This theme is particularly adept at creating informative landing pages for crypto trading, investments, and consultancy services, addressing the specific needs of the Cryptocoin business sector.

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FlatBox WordPress Theme

Transitioning to FlatBox, this HTML5-based template makes its mark with a clean, modern design. Its wealth of features simplifies the process of crafting compelling landing pages. Primarily focused on software, FlatBox is an excellent tool for presenting digital products in a clear and impactful way.

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Flowto WordPress Theme

Flowto integrates seamlessly with Gutenberg and Elementor, further enhanced by a child theme and a one-click demo installation feature.

This WordPress theme is not only flexible but also user-friendly, ideal for a variety of website projects. Flowto ensures a streamlined and effective website building experience, catering to users who value efficiency and ease of use.

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Gigas WordPress Theme

Gigas stands out as a contemporary WordPress theme tailored for SaaS and software services. It blends a modern aesthetic with extensive customization options, ensuring creative freedom in design.

With Elementor’s drag-and-drop builder, creating both one-page and multi-page websites becomes effortless. Gigas includes premium features like the Revolution Slider and classic Elementor addon at no additional cost, adding a touch of sophistication to your site’s visual and functional aspects.

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Landium WordPress Theme

Transitioning to Landium, this theme is expertly designed for app landing pages. Its block layout design is not only stylish but also easily adaptable, making it suitable for crafting engaging one-page or multi-page sites.

Landium’s clean and professional look is especially effective for showcasing corporate or portfolio websites.

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Quiety WordPress Theme

In the realm of software and IT solutions, Quiety emerges as a standout WordPress theme. It is mobile-friendly, boasting 28 homepages and over 35 responsive pages. Built with Bootstrap 5 and WooCommerce support, Quiety caters perfectly to companies and startups in various tech sectors.

The integration of Elementor Page Builder with its drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the web development process.

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Sasco WordPress Theme

For those seeking a blend of creativity and modern trends, Sasco is an ideal choice. This WordPress theme is equipped with 18 prebuilt homepages and various pages for diverse needs like services, teams, and blogs.

Perfect for agencies and digital marketers, Sasco is user-friendly and requires no coding. It features the Revolution Slider and is fully responsive, offering limitless design opportunities with the Elementor Page Builder.

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Sierra WordPress Theme

Sierra is specifically crafted for technology and SaaS startups, providing essential tools for a powerful online presence. It focuses on user engagement and conversion with its starter sites and landing page templates.

Offering over 100 custom widgets, 600+ template blocks, and optimized for performance, Sierra is not just visually appealing but also SEO-friendly, ensuring a high-ranking website in search results.

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Silicon WordPress Theme

Silicon, designed for technology businesses, is a multifaceted WordPress theme. It provides an array of demos ideal for creative entities, IT firms, software developers, and more.

The theme’s versatility is evident in its comprehensive range of page templates, available in both light and dark modes. From landing pages to blog and portfolio listings, Silicon adapts to various business needs, making it a prime choice for those seeking a dynamic presentation of their services.

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Techkit WordPress Theme

Techkit, a high-quality WordPress theme for Technology and IT Solutions, offers a sleek, modern layout. With its variety of layout options, including 4 multi-page homepages, 3 blog layouts, and more, it caters to diverse business requirements. It’s user-friendly, integrating the Elementor Page Builder for effortless page construction and a Child Theme to safeguard your edits.

Techkit is ideal for those new to website management, offering a blend of sophistication and ease.

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Tekone WordPress Theme

Tekone is a lightweight, customizable WordPress theme perfect for technology and IT-related websites. It comes with 8 pre-built homepages and a range of inner pages, all designed with a modern and professional flair.

Thanks to Elementor Page Builder, users can achieve high-end designs without needing coding knowledge. Tekone’s ease of use and one-click demo installation make it a dependable option for various IT and software-focused websites.

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Xido WordPress Theme

Xido, tailored for startups and SaaS businesses, serves a broad spectrum of sectors like finance, SEO, and app development. This theme excels in customization and responsiveness, offering rich UI/UX designs that leave a lasting impression. Its adaptability makes Xido a superior choice for businesses aiming for a contemporary and impactful online presence.

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Xmoze WordPress Theme

Lastly, Xmoze stands as a premium WordPress theme for App, SaaS, and tech startups. Ideal for displaying mobile apps, software, and IT solutions, Xmoze enhances user experience with its clean, modern, and stylish design. Focused on lead generation and product showcasing, it includes all necessary features for a thriving business.

Xmoze is a potent asset for startups and product developers seeking to stand out in the digital marketplace.

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