25 Best Directory WordPress Themes (Free and Premium)

Selecting the right WordPress themes can be a game-changer for your online directory or listing website. This article showcases 25 exceptional WordPress themes, catering to a diverse range of needs and budgets. Whether you’re on the lookout for a free solution or ready to invest in a premium theme, you’ll find options that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Directory WordPress Themes

These themes are designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, and web developers seeking to create professional, user-friendly directory sites. From local business listings to global directories, each theme offers unique features and designs to suit your specific project. Check them out!

Free WordPress Themes for Directories

Best Listing
Best Listing WordPress Theme

Best Listing transforms your vision of a directory website into reality. It excels in both directory and classified ads listings, offering a powerful directory builder for easy management and creation. Its standout features include support for multiple directories, customizable fields, and priority placement for featured listings.

The theme also shines in classified ad listings, making it a smart choice for those exploring this niche. With its responsive design, Best Listing ensures a smooth experience on all devices, making it a solid foundation for your directory project.

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BizDirectory WordPress Theme

Moving on to BizDirectory, this theme is a top pick for crafting user-friendly online directories. Integrated with the Directorist WordPress plugin, it combines visual appeal with comprehensive features. It’s versatile for different listing types, from local businesses to specific niches, and emphasizes on enhancing user experience and search engine visibility.

With BizDirectory, expect a beautiful and functional website that elevates your online directory.

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Business Directory Elementor
Business Directory Elementor WordPress Theme

For those in digital marketing, SEO, or social media, Business Directory Elementor is the go-to WordPress theme. It’s not just SEO-friendly but also optimized for speed and security, with a focus on marketing, lead generation, and brand events. Over 100 fonts, stunning animations, and an effective CTA button are part of its charm.

Plus, it’s mobile-responsive. For any customization needs, our Help Center’s support team is ready to help.

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Classified Ads Directory
Classified Ads Directory WordPress Theme

The Classified Ads Directory Theme stands out for creating extensive directories like Yellow Pages, Classifieds, and Real Estate listings. Ideal for real estate, hospitality, and booking services, it includes Open Street Maps integration, enhancing location-based listings.

Check out its features on wpdirectorykit.com for a glimpse of its potential in building a detailed, user-friendly website.

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CTLG WordPress Theme

CTLG offers a unique experience as a free WordPress block theme. It’s crafted for those who prefer a block-based approach in designing lists, directories, and catalogs.

With a variety of block templates and style variations, it caters to different design needs, making it a great choice for creating structured and organized directory sites without complexity.

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FT Directory Listing
FT Directory Listing WordPress Theme

FT Directory Listing is a free, contemporary WordPress theme perfect for directory, listing, and marketplace businesses. It’s user-friendly and versatile, ideal for creating an online directory for companies, shops, websites, and more.

The theme’s clean, creative design suits any directory website. It offers ample customization options and the convenience of importing demo content, streamlining the setup process of your online directory.

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Real Estate Directory
Real Estate Directory WordPress Theme

For real estate and classified ads directories, the Real Estate Directory Moison Listing Theme is a top choice. Designed for Elementor, it allows detailed visual customization.

This theme excels in managing listings, categories, agents, and both indoor and outdoor amenities. It supports multimedia fields, messaging, and integrates Open Street Maps, making it a comprehensive solution for real estate and classifieds businesses.

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Real Estate Golden
Real Estate Golden WordPress Theme

Similarly, the Real Estate Golden Directory Listing Theme caters to real estate and classified ads directories. Like the Moison Listing Theme, it’s optimized for Elementor and features extensive listing management capabilities.

With multimedia integration and Open Street Maps support, it stands out as a robust tool for real estate and classified directory businesses.

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Premium Themes for Directories

Aryan WordPress Theme

Aryan redefines listing and directory sites with its modern and creative design. Whether for local or global directories, Aryan offers the flexibility to manage and monetize your site effectively. Built with Elementor, it features niche directory demos, a custom content importer, and a front-end user dashboard for easy management.

It includes features like listing claims, multiple add listing designs, comprehensive search filters, and various grid styles, making it a groundbreaking choice for directory sites.

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ClassyAds WordPress Theme

ClassyAds is a premium WordPress theme designed for directory and listing sites. It offers a fully responsive design, built with HTML5 and CSS3, ensuring flexibility and a high-quality user experience.

The theme focuses on typography, usability, and overall user experience, making it both visually appealing and user-friendly. Designed for easy setup and customization, ClassyAds is an ideal choice for those prioritizing form and function in a directory website.

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Docpro WordPress Theme

Docpro is a medical directory WordPress theme built for simplicity and ease of use, featuring Elementor and the Docpro plugin. It’s ideal for launching a medical directory site effortlessly.

The theme includes a one-click demo installer and comprehensive documentation, simplifying the setup. With Elementor Builder, customizing pages is quick and intuitive. Docpro is responsive, retina-ready, and supports WPML for multilingual layouts. It offers advanced typography from Google web fonts and is compatible with Contact Form 7 for custom forms.

Built on the vafpress theme options framework, Docpro ensures reliability and flexibility, plus cross-browser compatibility for consistent user experience.

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EVE WordPress Theme

EVE is a premium WordPress theme designed for listing events, leveraging WooCommerce for a functional backend user experience. It extends WooCommerce’s features, making it a powerful tool for an events directory website. EVE supports monetization, allowing you to charge for event listings or sell tickets directly, making it an ideal choice for creating a comprehensive event listing platform.

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FoodBakery WordPress Theme

FoodBakery caters to the restaurant industry, providing a complete solution for managing single or multiple restaurant systems. Suitable for various food-related businesses like food ordering, delivery services, bakeries, grocery stores, and cafes, it comes with all necessary features to serve both customers and businesses. FoodBakery is a top pick for anyone in the food service industry.

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Javo WordPress Theme

Javo is a Directory WordPress Theme, an ultimate solution for building custom property, listing, and directory websites. It offers audio tutorials, comprehensive documentation, and support services. Javo is built on a top-rated framework, featuring unlimited customizable listing types with their own fields and submission forms.

Its drag & drop builder, dynamic notifications, listing filters, and ad manager make website building straightforward. Compatible with Elementor Page Builder, Javo allows full customization and is available for only $39, ideal for customizable directory sites.

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Lestin WordPress Theme

Lestin is a versatile WordPress theme suitable for a comprehensive listing directory. It’s great for featuring venues like restaurants and hotels. Venue owners can add listings easily, and users can explore new dining and entertainment options. User-friendly and responsive,

Lestin integrates with Elementor, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, and MailChimp, enhancing its functionality. Built with the latest web technologies, it promises a modern, high-quality user experience.

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LISTABLE WordPress Theme

For building a listing directory, LISTABLE is your go-to theme. It’s crafted to catalog everything from local hotspots to worldwide attractions effortlessly. You’ll find it simple to use, focusing on helping users quickly find what they’re looking for.

Whether it’s cafes or cultural venues, LISTABLE’s user-friendly design streamlines the listing and discovery process.

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Listee WordPress Theme

Switching gears, Listee is perfectly suited for classified ads and directory listings across various industries like automotive, real estate, and travel. This theme simplifies customization with categories, grid layouts, and detailed pages. Its standout feature is a booking system for easy scheduling.

Listee’s flexible design is adaptable for different business needs, offering a seamless experience for both owners and customers.

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ListGo WordPress Theme

Then there’s ListGo, which combines style with function for dynamic directory creation. Ideal for listing diverse businesses or attractions, its modern design and robust features ensure a smooth user experience.

ListGo isn’t just about good looks; its fast loading times and effective search capabilities are backed by solid coding. This makes it a top choice for anyone seeking to build a comprehensive directory with minimal fuss.

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Listingo WordPress Theme

For service providers and business directories, Listingo is a prime choice. Its modern design is matched with powerful features, including efficient search functionality and quick loading. Suitable for various professionals like lawyers, engineers, and veterinarians, Listingo focuses on the user, offering great support and documentation.

An additional Android app is available to complement the theme.

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ListingPro WordPress Theme

ListingProWP stands out as a complete directory solution. This all-in-one theme eliminates the need for extra plugins, ideal for entrepreneurs and developers. It supports multiple payment gateways and is suitable for both free and paid listings.

If you’re aiming to build a global directory on a budget, ListingProWP offers an easy, versatile, and cost-effective solution.

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PlacesDojo WordPress Theme

PlacesDojo simplifies the creation of place directories, ideal for bars, restaurants, or nightclubs. It offers detailed categorization, event listings, special offers, and a blog. The theme allows both map-based and standard browsing, ensuring an informative and easy-to-navigate directory.

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Search & Go
Search & Go WordPress Theme

For a modern touch in directory or database websites, Search & Go is the go-to theme. It streamlines the creation of directories with integrated search, listings, and reservation features. Customizable and user-friendly, it supports social network logins, PayPal integration, and advanced search capabilities, making directory management a breeze.

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SpotGuide WordPress Theme

SpotGuide caters to directory listings with its high-performance design. This theme is perfect for developers who need a stable and extendable codebase. It offers customizable fields, claimable listings, front-end submission, and various pricing packages.

Built on Bootstrap 4, it ensures responsiveness and includes features like custom mail templates and favorite listings.

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Wilcity WordPress Theme

WilCity stands out for monetizing directory sites. It supports paid and promoted listings, enhancing visibility for business owners. The theme also allows for paid claim listings, enabling you to create and let businesses claim their listings. WilCity is designed to maximize your directory site’s revenue potential.

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Workreap WordPress Theme

Workreap, designed for freelance marketplaces, excels in facilitating interactions between freelancers and employers. It supports easy registration, project proposals, a wallet system with admin commission, direct messaging, and a review system.

Focused on usability and aesthetics, Workreap is ideal for building a smooth and visually appealing freelance marketplace.

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