International Internet Scam Hotspots (Infographic)

LinkedIn’s issue with passwords has reminded people once again how easy it is to lose personal information online. In this specific case, users couldn’t do much to prevent the problem, except by having a very strong password. The Internet is also full of other dangers, like fraudulent schemes and scams, waiting to trap unsuspecting individuals.

A recent infographic by highlights some alarming statistics. In 2009, over $600 million was lost to various online scams, including fake auctions, credit card fraud, counterfeit checks, phishing, and pyramid schemes. This is just a small part of the problem. The infographic also shows where most of these scams come from and offers advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of online crime.

Make sure to read and share this information with your friends to help keep everyone aware and safe from rising Internet crime.

Read and share this infographic with your friends to prevent the statistics for Internet Crime from rising.

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