50 Recipe Infographics to Make You a Better Cook

People don’t cook anymore, which is a shame. It’s a lost art, more so for certain generations than others (let’s not point fingers here) but to not be able to cook is such a loss. One of the main reasons many don’t cook is that they don’t know how, and don’t have the time or the interest to learn themselves a few good recipes.

Here are some funky, interesting and well-illustrated infographics for the people who love baking and cooking as well as the ones who don’t know how to. Some of these infographics touch on the basics on equipment while others go through processes that last days and even months! (Be warned, you will go hungry from reading this post.)

1. 27 Irresistible Topping Combos for Gourmet Grilled Pizza

This beautifully illustrated infographic mimics chalkboard drawings and also contains some pretty interesting pizza recipes.

Source: sheknows.com

2. Ramen Hacks

If you have seen a few food hacks that include ramen, know that this is a thing. Try these recipes and you might be able to see why.

Source: bitesizedbiggie.com

3. Ultimate Guide to Pairing Soup with Wine and Beer

Perhaps suited for those in the food service industry, here is a simple infographic for pairing soup with wine or beer.

Source: vinepair.com

4. How to measure your Perfect Portion

It’s basically how to measure portions of foodstuff with just your hand.

Source: kptncook.com

5. Just Juice It!

Here are three simple juice recipes that are easy to make and easier to finish.

6. How to Make a Skinny Smoothie

A short and sweet infographic to mix things up a little. Who doesn’t love a smoothie for a hot summer day?

Source: skinnyms.com

7. Summer Cocktails

A simple but stunning infographic for two summer cocktails.

Source: cocorrina.com

8. 10 DIY Dry Rub Recipes

Here are 10 DIY dry rub recipes for spices, for some crazy awesome spices.

Source: sheknows.com

9. Elixir Love

Need some fuel and nourishment for your soul? You’ve come to the right infographic.

Source: meghantelpner.com

10. Eat This For Breakfast

This infographic is great for those who want to make better nutritional choices? Get ready to be a whole lot healthier.

Source: scripps.org


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