Top 10 Design Influencers You Should Know

Ever wondered who sets the trends in the design world? Meet the tastemakers—individuals who wield significant influence over the design industry. Their insights can spark creativity or even ignite debates.

Let’s dive into the lives and contributions of ten leading designers who are shaping the design landscape today.

The Impact of Khoi Vinh

Formerly the lead designer for the New York Times, Khoi Vinh is a game-changer. When he speaks, the design community listens.

Khoi Vinh

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Jonathan Ive: The Apple Maestro

Jonathan Ive, the design genius at Apple, is the mind behind the company’s iconic, minimalist style.

Jonathan Ive

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Chip Kidd: The Book Cover Guru

Chip Kidd has revolutionized book design over the past 25 years with his unique and captivating covers.

Chip Kidd

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Stefan Sagmeister: The Unconventional Visionary

Stefan Sagmeister is known for his out-of-the-box approach to graphic design, making him a standout in the industry.

Stefan Sagmeister

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David Carson: The Grunge Pioneer

David Carson is the originator of the “grunge” design style, a groundbreaking approach that shook the design world.

David Carson

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Paula Scher: The Typography Queen

Paula Scher’s innovative approach to typography has made her a lasting influence in the design world.

Paula Scher

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Massimo Vignelli: The Subway Map Legend

Massimo Vignelli’s iconic New York City subway map design has set the standard for public transit maps globally.

Massimo Vignelli

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April Greiman: The New Wave Innovator

April Greiman was one of the first to harness the power of computers in design, setting the stage for digital creativity.

April Greiman

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Michael Bierut: The Multi-Disciplinary Master

Michael Bierut’s diverse design skills have earned him numerous awards and a leading role at Pentagram.

Michael Bierut

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Milton Glaser: The “I ♥ NY” Creator

Milton Glaser is the genius behind the timeless “I ♥ NY” logo, a design that remains iconic to this day.

Milton Glaser

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