How to Create Image Slider With Photoshop and jQuery

Undoubtedly, image slider is one of the most commonly used elements in the business web design, due to its relatively large size that is able to draw the visitor’s attention once they arrive the site. Though the web has started to rethink about the usability of the image slider, it’s still considered as a must-learn for the newcomer of the web design industry.

In this web design tutorial, we will learn to create custom image slider above using Photoshop, which you can preview the final result from here. Not only will we illustrate it in Photoshop, we will also turn it into a functional design by converting it into HTML/CSS and adding jQuery for its awesome sliding effect.

Sounds like a lot of complicated bits involved, but in fact it’s pretty straightforward and very easy to understand, let’s get started then!

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Getting Started

For this tutorial you will need the following resources:

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