30 jQuery Text Effect Libraries You Need To Know

Ever wished you had a huge library of jQuery text effects that you can easily whip to create a beautiful and strong landing page? Well, you came to the right place! Instead of spending several minutes to hours experimenting on your CSS or trying to find the perfect color or angle and shape of that text, why not use these jQuery text effects?

Listed here are 30 jQuery text effects that you can use to style, animate, and basically bend the rules of text on the web without even touching a single line of CSS. Why reinvent the wheel when there are already hundreds of text effects out there that get the job done?

1. Arctext.js [Visit pageDemoDownload]

2. Animated Opening Type [Visit pageDemoDownload]

3. Animated text and icon menu with jQuery [Visit pageDemoDownload]

4. HatchShow [Visit pageDemo]

5. JqIsoText [Visit pageDemoDownload]

6. Kern.js [Visit pageDownload]

7. Kerning.js [Visit pageDemoDownload]

8. CSS3 3D text plugin for jQuery [Visit pageDemoDownload]

9. Neon [Visit pageDownload]

10. Codename Rainbows

11. Simple Text Rotator [Visit pageDemoDownload]

12. Simple text spinning effect with jQuery [Visit pageDownload]

13. SlabText [Visit pageDemoDownload]

14. Spotlight [Visit pageDemoDownload]

15. TextFX2

16. Textify

17. Text with moving background [Visit pageDemo]

18. JQuery TickerType plugin

19. TextFx

20. Wave text effect

21. Wide text jQuery plugin [Visit pageDemoDownload]

22. Textillat [Visit pageDemoDownload]

23. Bacon [Visit pageDemoDownload]

24. Lettering.js [Visit pageDemoDownload]

25. Shuffle Letters Effect [Visit pageDemoDownload]

26. FitText [Visit pageDemoDownload]

27. Textualizer

28. LetterFX [Visit pageDemoDownload]

29. Curved Text [Visit pageDownload]

30. Capital Letter [Visit pageDemoDownload]

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