7 Good e-Commerce Themes for Designing Online Shops

To build an online store, you obviously need the right tools for the job, and this is the reason for this article. There are 7 e-Commerce themes here that will take you most of the way towards building a successful shop. But to clinch the deal, there are several things you have to do for yourself.

You have to give the theme you choose instructions as to what you want done. You obviously know how to do that, but there are a handful of other things you need to consider, if you want your venture to be a huge success.

What you need to take into account?

  1. Shoppers are more comfortable in familiar surroundings, so subscribe to the first law of usability: Don’t make customers think..
  2. A knockout homepage banner may be nice, but it can also be as waste of money. A flash-bang banner can drive visitors away. A low-key, familiar look is usually good enough.
  3. Display your products like most other stores display theirs. Conventional display techniques generally work best.
  4. Think mobile. First and always. Roughly half of your potential customers will access your store via mobile devices.
  5. Select a lightweight, fast e-Commerce theme to do the job. That’s easy if you check out our recommendations; doing so will enable you to build high-performance websites.
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If you’ve never used a building block approach to create a website, or worked with a theme that is structured around a system of modules, you’re in for a treat. Divi’s 46 customizable content modules, in combination with the popular Divi Builder, makes putting a page together a piece of cake.

Divi’s building block foundation enables you to hover over element layouts to see exactly what is involved in building your pages, giving you total control of the process. Since Divi is 100% responsive, you won’t be neglecting the mobile shoppers.

XStore (Responsive WooCommerce Theme)

XStore is one of the easiest themes to work with and this e-Commerce theme delivers the goods, especially when you take the first law of usability to heart. XStore’s authors did just that – finding your way around this powerful web-building tool will not be a problem at all.


You’ll also notice that the demos have a familiar look, which is what you and your potential visitors want. Take a few minutes to hover over some of the demos, and you’ll get some great ideas.

XStore is responsive. It is also RTL-ready to accommodate languages like Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian. Visual Composer is the page builder, and, as you would expect, this theme is 100% WooCommerce-compatible.

Its Theme Options feature provides the flexibility you need to build whatever comes to mind, user support is superior, and video tutorials are included to help with installation and managing settings.


Merchandiser is fast and reliable – the reason for its lightning-fast performance is because it is a minimalist theme. Its developers followed a simple dictum – simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication; just as is the case with many of the more modern e-Commerce sites. Merchandiser has all the features you need, and nothing more.


The powerful Visual Composer/Theme Customizer duo is what you want if you’re in the market for a potent e-Commerce website-building force.

Your online shoppers will like the off-canvas shopping cart, off-canvas quick view, and other features that you can incorporate to make their shopping experience relaxing and rewarding.

With Merchandiser, you can sell anything online, or even open up an affiliate business. It’s all so simple that it’s positively elegant.

KLEO (Community-focused, Multipurpose Theme)

KLEO, the #1 BuddyPress theme for 2016, has lots going for it. You can use this multipurpose theme for any number of purposes, including of course, building an e-Commerce website.

You can build a community website, showcase your wares or your portfolio, or publish your engaging, professional blog.


What makes KLEO tick is an assemblage of 24 plugins (with more likely to come), including highly specialized plugins to help you sell e-books, create a business directory, utilize WordPress SEO features, and including of course, the WooCommerce plugin.

Be sure to check out KLEO’s impressive demo pages.

Uncode (Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme)

Terrific attention to detail, excellent performance, and great flexibility, are some of the features of this WP theme. Uncode is pixel perfect and perfectly suited for creative people.


Its many features include a hierarchical options system, an advanced grid system, and an advanced image system that will enable you to build an e-Commerce site that will appeal equally to PC users and mobile device users.

Uncode puts any concerns you may have about responsiveness or your website’s performance to rest. You’ll also love working with any of Uncode’s shop concepts. Setting up a truly amazing e-Commerce website has rarely been so easy.


With this hip, wonderfully responsive, translation-ready, flexible theme, you’ll have no problem converting your ideas of what constitutes an online store that translates a superb UX into reality

Merchandiser will also be an excellent choice if finding a theme that is especially easy to work with is a priority. Its Easy Layout Creator is a case in point.

Merchandiser also features such goodies as a mega menu, Google maps, a wealth of color options and everything needed to showcase your portfolio, display your products, or publish a product catalog. Merchandiser is 100% WooCommerce compatible.


(Update: Woutique has since retired.)

Woutique brings to the table a seamless front-end experience in which the theme makes full use of every one of Woocommerce’s features and components.

These include carts, product descriptions, customer checkout, and user accounts sections. In short, everything you need to set up shop.


Starting with the theme options page, you can easily stamp your brand throughout the site, while taking full advantage of Woutique’s minimalist structure.


With these 7 e-Commerce themes up for selection, it is hard to make a poor choice. Take the time to check out the details; you should have no problem in finding the e-Commerce theme that will best suit your needs.

Whatever your choice may be, it is guaranteed to be a good one, but don’t forget the tips provided at the beginning of the article. Following them can make the difference between a so-so e-Commerce website, and one that will be a screaming success.