Get Free Art and Design Critiques With Critiquer

Perhaps the toughest part of improving your design skills is learning what you’re doing wrong. It helps if you have great taste and objectively compare your work to the works of others. But this is easier when you can have someone to critique your work with fresh eyes.

Critiquer is a site designed exclusively for this purpose. It’s a free community of artists and digital designers who share their work, critique others, and hope to grow in the process.

Critiquer community site

With Critiquer you have the value of a real community at your disposal. It lets you connect with other artists and designers directly, share workflow tips, and search pieces based on keywords.

There are plenty of sites for art critiques but not so many sites for critiquing design work. This is why Critiquer can be so useful: it combines both art and design in one place.

Through this site, you’ll find lots of advice on other people’s work and get plenty of advice for your work too. This’ll help you improve your work and help you critique others’ work with honesty.

You can sign up for a free account and use that to publish as many designs, or as many critiques, as you’d like. It’s really a community effort so the more people who join the site, the more comments and content you’ll have to sift through.

Digital art design critiques

However, do note that this site is still very new and it’s got a growing community. So there is no guarantee of getting a perfect critique and you may even find more people by searching through a relevant subreddit.

Moreover, the Critiquer team also has a “pro” critique session that’s a paid feature and gets you critiques from real-world professionals. But that is far beyond required and it’s not something you should be concerned with before joining and testing the site.

Anyone who wants to improve their design work needs feedback. With Critiquer you can get it for free across various mediums making it one of the most valuable tools for budding web designers & digital artists.