Fuel For Your Phone: World’s Smallest Smartphone Charger

This article was published on: Mar 29, 2013.

There are a lot of external batteries or power banks out there in the market, an apparent need because of the inability of our smartphones to last a full day. While you can lug a power bank around or recharge your device with cables or special charging cards, no phone charger can give you so much while taking so little space.

Devotec Industries created a tiny charger which you can just keep with your car keys. Attach it to your key ring and bring the charger anywhere with you.

Despite being pint sized and weighing only half an ounce, the tiny Devotec Fuel Micro Charger packs a punch when it comes to charging power. It has a battery capacity of 220 mAh which could charge up your phone for 20 to 30 minutes of talk time or a few hours of standby mode, depending on the usage of your phone.


It’s not supposed to fully recharge your phone but it makes it count when you need to make an important phone call or when you need to power up your GPS to find your way again. The body is made using pure die-cast aluminium giving it a strong yet light exterior.


It can also last long on a single charge. Charge it up and leave it for a month and it won’t suffer any drain in battery juice. The makers say it can last up to 3 months but it is recommended that you charge it every once a month.


For now, the charger is only available for micro USB devices, which means if you’re using an iPhone you can’t use this charger. But who knows what will happen in the near future?

Devotec has already achieved their required pledge but if you want one, you can pledge $20 for it and get one around July this year.