Jobs & Starting salaries for Fresh Grads [Infographic]

As a fresh graduate who is stepping into the working world, you’d probably need all the help you can get. Would you know which attributes are the most highly valued by a potential employer? Do you know what employers seek out in a submitted resume? Do you know what the average starting salary is in your industry? Hopefully, you’ll get some answers in this infographic by which depicts the job outlook for new graduates in 2011/12.

Most of you would probably find the median salaries released according to discipline very interesting, others would find comfort (or fear) in discovering the bachelor degrees that are most in demand so far. While this will change every year, some things don’t, for example, employers are actively screening their candidates with a cutoff GPA and more than half have the cutoff point at 3.0. So get your papers in order, learn to tie that necktie properly and get those resumes out there by fall (as it’s the preferred season for recruiting)!

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