How to Fix Home Button Delays on iOS Devices [Quicktip]

The home button on iOS devices is made for multipurpose use and most of the time you need it to respond click-fast. Given its multi-function roles: closing an app, returning to home screen, etc, after some time, you may notice that the home button produces a delayed response to clicks, refusing to work as fast as it did when your device was first activated.

In this quick tip, we will share 2 different ways that you can try to maintain your home button performance. We’re going to use the iPad as examples but take note that the methods work for the iPhone and the iPod Touch as well.

1. Reboot iPad

To reboot your iOS, press the switch button at the top right side of your device until a red button appears on the screen, then slide the red button to the right, to power off your device.

power off ipad

Press the switch button again to start up your device. This process should reboot the whole device system and fix your home button screen delay.

2. Calibrate Home Button

The other option or ‘trick’ you can do is to calibrate your home button. This action will require interaction with some applications like Calendar, Youtube and Weather. What you should do now is to open any of the mentioned app, and press the switch button until the red slider appears. Once it appears, long press your home button until the red slider disappears.

calibrate ipad home button

When the slider disappears, your iOS’s home button is now calibrated.


With these 2 simple tricks, the home button of your iOS device should be as responsive as it was before. If you have other ways to get your Home button up to speed, so to speak, share it with us!