15 Free Figma UI Kit for Product Designers

In the year 2023, Figma gained immense popularity, and even developers are aware of it due to its intricate design and practical functions such as auto-layout, smart variations, FigJam, and numerous other features.

As a product designer, creating visually appealing and functional app designs is crucial to the success of any product. Even more, if you want to save time, achieve uniformity, and increase productivity, UI kits are the way to go!

But first, what is a UI kit?

A UI kit is a set of pre-designed elements that you can reuse in your projects. It typically includes buttons, inputs, tabs, sliders, icons, and more. Using a UI kit helps you speed up your design process and achieve a consistent look and feel across all your screens.

Product designers can use Figma UI kits for a range of design projects, including website designs, web-mobile app designs, wireframe ideas, and many more.

I put 15 top-notch mobile and web Figma UI kits to the test, gathering from the world’s finest UI/UX designers. These kits will not only boost your creative flow but also provide valuable insights and let you tweak components in minutes. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Free News and Blog Responsive Template

We open up the list with a clean magazine concept that offers many possibilities for establishing content in a modern way. This can be achieved with huge typefaces and clever white space that improves readability. Thanks to Premiumuikits.

New Blog Template
What’s inside?
  • 2 Artboards
  • Web & Mobile Resolutions
  • Font used: Inter
  • Light Theme
  • Auto-Layout

Fashion Mobile eCommerce UI Kit

A minimal, elegant, and comprehensive user interface kit created by the designers at OpenUI design. This kit provides a massive collection of 30 mobile templates you can use for your fashion eCommerce projects.

News Blog Template
What’s inside?
  • 30 Mobile Screens
  • Auto-Layout
  • Smart Variants
  • Fully Layered
  • Easy to follow

The Matte EngineResponsive Web Template

Why settle for boring web design when you can use The Matte Engine project for your online course? These lovely illustrations and cool fonts evoke a unique aesthetic. All you have to do is alter the components and styles according to your brand.

Matte Engine
What’s inside?
  • 1 Mobile & Desktop Template
  • 8 Sections (hero, facts, program, about, tools, pricing, get started, footer)
  • 2 custom illustrations
  • Easily customizable symbols
  • Color variables
  • Typography system

Untitled UI – Free Figma UI Kit & Design System

I bet you’ve heard about the largest UI kit on the market, where you can take your designs to the next level. This free system for Figma can help you ideate faster and consistently, which allows you to create awesome outputs for your clients. Huge thanks to Jordan Hughes.

What’s inside?
  • 20+ Responsive Templates
  • 2k+ Components
  • 900+ Icons and logos
  • 500+ Global Styles
  • Auto Layout 4.0
  • Lifetime updates
  • Smart Variants

Trackizer – Figma Subscription Mobile App

Get your hands on a mobile UI kit that’ll make managing subscriptions a breeze! Keep track of your monthly costs and never miss a payment again. It’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket but without the attitude. Thanks to the Symu team for sharing this lovely freebie.

What’s inside?
  • 12 Mobile Screens
  • 2k+ Components
  • 900+ Icons and logos
  • Inter Font Family
  • Colors & Typography System
  • Smart Variants

Meditation Mobile UI Kit

A joyful set of 15 mobile screens will reinforce your creative process when designing meditation apps. Custom-made illustrations, cool gradients, and usable use cases, ready to be customized according to your needs. Huge thanks to Afsar.

mediation mobile
What’s inside?
  • 15 Beautiful Mobile Screens
  • 200+ Components
  • Font Used: HelveticaNeue
  • Theme: Light & Dark Fully Layered

Huge Collection of Light & Dark Charts

A massive collection of 115 cards of charts wrapped in three themes: monochromatic, light, and dark, so you can tailor to your own needs and adapt to every resolution.

Amazing work by Frank Esteban.

Huge Light Dark
What’s inside?
  • 3 Pages (Cover, Design, Component)
  • 3 Artboards
  • 115 charts
  • Font family: Roboto (install this first)
  • Auto-layout applied
  • Simple to use

Eve UI Kit

Eve, the design system, makes the life of designers easier by providing them with a variety of flexible components that can be used to create visually stunning apps. The best part? It’s not only accessible but also flexible enough to cater to the needs of different products. Amazing work by Tré Wilson!

Eve UI
What’s inside?
  • 200+ Components
  • Light & Dark Mode Auto Layout
  • Grid, spacing scale (8pt scale)
  • Typographic scale: Open Sans & Bitte

Melanish – Editorial Web Template

Mo, a skilled designer who deserves your attention, has created a dark minimalist web template that is both simple and creative. The white typography on a black background gives it a sophisticated look, making it a must-have for those who appreciate elegance.

What’s inside?
  • 2 Artboards
  • 1 Hero Image Rotator
  • 1 Full Desktop Layout
  • Font family: Nympha Trial (install this first)

Food Delivery App UI Kit

I think everyone loves a clean and simple-to-use interface where the products and information stand out. Here, the entire meal selection and ordering system is as sleek and seamless as can be. Big shoutout to Marvis for crafting a remarkable user experience.

Food Delivery
What’s inside?
  • 17 Mobile Screens
  • 3 Website Layouts
  • Font family: Poppins, SF Pro Rounded (install this first)

Amazing 3D Models

If you want to go with the latest trends in 2023 and spice things up, these awesome 3D models by Martina are the perfect choice. You can download and customize them to your own preferences but let us know the output.

Amazing 3D
What’s inside?
  • 13 Mobile Screens
  • 24 Shapes
  • 22 Custom Compositions
  • Fonts used: Roboto
  • Video tutorial on How to use

Lo-fi Wireframe Kit

When we present a wireframe in front of the team, we get the big picture, and loads of fresh ideas pop out. A wireframe’s a fantastic place to start, especially if we’re keeping things simple and straightforward. Kudos to Dave Whitley for this impressive work!

Lo fi
What’s inside?
  • 100+ Components
  • 2 Dashboards
  • 288 Icons
  • Stickies, annotations, and flow chart lines.
  • Fonts used: Chalkboard, Inter, and Redacted Script

Budget Planner Onboarding Screens

If you’re starting out to set a budget and save money, here’s a helpful package I designed for you! It contains 28 screens showing a simple and easy-to-navigate UX registration process. By Premiumuikits.

budget planner
What’s inside?
  • 28 Mobile Screens
  • Fonts used: Karla Auto-layout
  • Resizing Constraints
  • Fully-Layered

Free Dashboard UI Figma

An important factor you need to consider when designing dashboards is to present the data clearly and simply. If you don’t know where to start, you can use this useful freebie. Designed by the talented Bagus Fikri.

What’s inside?
  • 3 Figma artboards
  • 12+ Components
  • 10+ Unique Icons Font used: Gilroy

Clubhouse Cards for Social Media

Craftwork’s team has done an exceptional job in providing an excellent set of clean web and mobile layouts. These can assist you in creating hero sections within a short span of time.

What’s inside?
  • 64 Cards
  • 4 Categories Font used: Inter
  • Resolutions: Mobile & Web


Figma UI kits are an excellent resource for product designers who want to create visually appealing and functional designs. UI kits offer pre-designed elements that save designers time and effort while designing. They also ensure consistency and offer flexibility in terms of customization.