How to Schedule Facebook Live Broadcasts

Facebook Live Broadcast will be getting an often requested feature on Thursday as the company has announced that it will be updating its Live API to allow users to schedule live broadcasts ahead of the actual stream.

Unfortunately, this feature will only be available for users with Verified Pages, so those who wish to utilise this feature would need to acquire verification from Facebook. Assuming that you own a Verified Page, here’s how you can schedule a live broadcast when the feature goes live.

  1. Go to your Publishing Tools, select “Video Library“, and then click on “Live

    video library
  2. Copy and paste your stream credentials into the dialog box. If you don’t wish to do so now, you can always do so later by editing the post in the Video Library.

    create live video
  3. Write a post to announce your scheduled stream. You can choose to be as informative and engaging as you want to.

    announce live stream
  4. Select your scheduled start time, add a custom image to your broadcast (if you want), then click on schedule. Your friends would be notified by Facebook of your scheduled broadcast and it will appear on their News Feed.

    schedule live
  5. In the event that you wish to reschedule or delete your live broadcast session, you can do so by opening the “Edit Live Video” option. For rescheduling, choose the “Edit Schedule” option via the drop down arrow, choose a new time, and select “Schedule“. To cancel, choose the “Delete” option via the drop down arrow.

    reschedule or cancel