Facebook Redesigns its Security Menu for Easier Navigation

Facebook’s old security menu isn’t the most intuitive one available, considering the fact that simple features such as two-factor authentication were given bizarre names like "login approvals". Well, the days of perplexing security menus may soon be behind us, as Facebook has announced that it is currently rolling out a much more streamlined security menu.

With the new "Security and login" menu, all of Facebook’s security settings and functionalities are laid out in an orderly fashion, thereby making it easier to navigate. New to the menu is a "Recommended" tab that allows Facebook to highlight security features that may prove useful to the user.

choose friend to contact

Aside from that, Facebook has introduced a redesigned "Where you’re logged in" module. This redesigned module now uses a simpler format, making it easier for the user to monitor the devices they’ve used to login to Facebook.

where youre logged in

Finally, Facebook has made some changes to the names of some security features in order to make it more consistent with other online services. One example of this change is the aforementioned "login approvals", which has been changed to the more commonly used “two-factor authentication” instead.

two factor authentication

The new security menu will be made available on both the desktop version of Facebook as well as the iOS and Android version of the Facebook app.