Resolving the “You Have Created Too Many Pages Recently” Facebook Error

Tackle Facebook's 'Too Many Pages' error head-on with our easy solutions.

Despite Facebook’s seeming laissez-faire attitude towards the number of pages one can create, it’s not uncommon to bump into a wall when you’re trying to add more, especially if you’re using a single account. This may have you scratching your head, seeing as Facebook’s rules don’t specifically say you can’t create as many pages as you want, provided you play by their terms of service.

created too many pages facebook error

If you’ve found your way here, odds are you’re looking for some answers to this puzzle. You’re in luck, because this guide is all about demystifying why you might be running into hurdles when trying to build more Facebook pages and how to jump over them.

In the sections to follow, we’ll dig deeper into the different reasons that might be behind that pesky message telling you’ve created too many pages. This way, you’ll get a full picture of what’s happening and how to navigate your way around it.

What Could be Causing The Error?

1. Suspicious Activity

Facebook has a watchful eye and can become concerned if it notices an account generating a multitude of pages in a short span of time. While there’s no stated cap on the number of pages you can create, the platform does monitor the rate at which they’re being made.

If you’re producing pages at lightning speed, Facebook might interpret this as suspicious and consequently slow your roll, limiting your ability to create new pages for some time.

This is a protective measure put in place by Facebook. It’s part of their efforts to maintain a safe platform for all users and ward off potential scams or inappropriate actions.

2. Facebook’s Technical Glitches

Sometimes, this error message may pop up even when you’ve only created one or two pages on your account. This unexpected hitch could be due to a temporary glitch within Facebook’s system.

These glitches are essentially technical issues, which Facebook has to resolve. Interestingly, they tend to occur more frequently if you’re attempting to create a page via the Facebook app, rather than the Facebook mobile website.

So, one potential hurdle to starting a new Facebook page could be these unpredictable technical snags.

3. Violation of Facebook’s Naming Guidelines

Another big reason you might be seeing this error message is non-compliance with Facebook’s naming guidelines when choosing a name for your page.

These guidelines exist to ensure a consistent standard across the platform and to prevent misuse. Any deviation from these rules can lead to restrictions, including the appearance of the error message indicating too many pages have been created recently.

How to Get It Fixed?

Once you have an idea why Facebook sometimes stops you from making new pages, you might start thinking about how to avoid this. So, let’s look at some ways that can help you create more Facebook pages without any trouble.

1. Review Your Existing Facebook Pages

It is recommended that you conduct a thorough assessment of your existing Facebook pages. If you’ve encountered the maximum limit for page creation, evaluate your current pages for potential elimination.

Any page deemed superfluous or outdated could be a candidate for deletion. This process of removal may subsequently provide the opportunity to establish a new page.

2. Temporarily Pausing or Disconnecting Your VPN

If you’re having a hard time making a new Facebook page, it could be because you’re using a VPN. Facebook might get mixed up if your VPN shows you’re in a different place than where your profile says you are. This confusion can stop you from creating a new page.

To get around this, try turning off your VPN for a while, then give making your new Facebook page another shot.

3. Wait and Try Again Later

Occasionally, the issue of creating too many pages on Facebook isn’t necessarily caused by your actions but could stem from temporary glitches in Facebook’s own servers.

Just like any complex system, Facebook’s servers can experience hiccups from time to time. When this happens, it may prevent users from creating new pages, even if they haven’t actually hit any limit.

But the good news is, these glitches are often temporary. So what can you do? Well, sometimes the best action is no action. Instead of trying to push through, it might be a good idea to simply wait for a little while.

4. Reach Out to Facebook Support

If all else fails, it might be a good idea to get in touch with Facebook Support. If you think there’s a technical problem or you feel that your account has been wrongly flagged, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

How to access Facebook support

  1. Sign in to your Facebook profile on a computer.
  2. Click the dropdown icon at the top right of the screen.
  3. Choose “Help & Support.”
  4. Click on “Help Center” to find help articles.
  5. Choose “Report a Problem” to find forms for reporting issues.
  6. Use these forms to describe your problem and send feedback to Facebook. (You can also add screenshots or recordings of the issue to your report.)