How to Setup Messages + Facebook Chat in macOS

Messages is one of the features is offered in the recently announced OS X Mountain Lion, it allows you to integrate Facebook Chat so you can chat with your Facebook friends without using web browsers. But you might need to wait a while for Mountain Lion. Still, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy the fun Messages has to offer before the release.

You may wonder how to set up Facebook Chat on your Mac, which is quite a good idea so you don’t have to always log in to Facebook every time you want to chat with your friends. There is no installer available or provided by Facebook that will allow you to install only its chat on your computer.

That’s where Messages come into play. Messages Beta is a cool messaging client made for Mountain Lion, which will allow you to send messages accross many Apple products, for free. It also allows you to add Facebook Chat so you can directly chat with your Facebook friends.

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Install Messages Beta

Before you can set up Facebook Chat on your Mac, head over to Messages Beta page to download and then install. When installation is done, you will see the Messages icon on your Mac’s Dock.

Messages Icon
Set up Messages Beta

Now you already have Messages Beta installed on your Computer. Since this is your first time installing, you will be prompted to register with Messages Beta. Click ‘Continue’.

Messges Beta setup

Now to complete the setup process, fill up your Apple ID and password, then click on the ‘Sign In’ button.

Messages Beta setup 2

That’s it, click ‘Done’ and your Messages Beta is now ready for use.

Messages Beta setup 3
Set up Facebook Chat on Messages Beta

While Messages is still open, go to the main menu then ‘Preferences’.

Messages Preferences

The Preferences window will appear; click on ‘Account’ and then the plus (+) button to add new chat account.

Add Chat Account

Now there will be a form for you to fill up, use the following information;

  1. Account Type: Select ‘Jabber
  2. Account Name: Fill with (don’t forget to replace ‘username’ with your own Facebook username)
  3. Password: Enter your Facebook password
  4. Server: Use
  5. Port: 5222
  6. You can leave both ‘Use SSL’ and ‘Use Kerberos v5…’ unchecked.
Add Facebook Chat details

Once completed, click ‘Done’ and you are now ready to chat with your Facebook friends. Open your Messanger Beta chat window and you will see your online friends on the list, and ready to chat with you.

Facebook Friends

With Messages Beta and Facebook Chat integration, you can now chat with your Facebook friends without even logging in to your Facebook account. You can also add Google Talk, Yahoo! and AIM chat, and handle everything using one simple messaging client from your Mac.