Dropbox Pro is Now Dropbox Plus. What You Need to Know

Quite recently, Dropbox decided to rename its Dropbox Pro option to "Dropbox Plus". While the change in name probably would not affect those who are new to Dropbox, long-time users of cloud storage system’s premium offering may get confused by this name change. So here’s three things you need to know about Dropbox Plus.

Dropbox Plus users will still retain all of features of Dropbox Pro

Dropbox Plus is simply a renaming of Dropbox Pro. As such, this service will retain all of the features that Dropbox Pro has. Dropbox Plus users will still have 1TB of storage space to work with, priority support and access to all of their files and folders even when there is no internet connection available.

dropbox features
Pricing for Dropbox Plus is the same as Dropbox Pro

Features aren’t the only thing that Dropbox Plus retains from Dropbox Pro. The pricing for Dropbox Plus is identical to the one that Dropbox Pro has as well. Those who are looking to upgrade to Dropbox Plus can subscribe to the service via a USD9.99 monthly subscription, or a USD99 yearly subscription.

dropbox package

On top of that, users can also opt to throw in an additional USD39 to get the "Extended Version History" feature that lets users store previous file versions or deleted files on Dropbox for a year without taking up storage space.

For those who are already on Dropbox Pro, future invoices and receipts will list "Dropbox Plus" instead.

Some custom plans may still use the Dropbox Pro moniker

While a majority of Dropbox Pro users will see their service renamed to Dropbox Plus within the coming weeks, those who’ve opted to purchase additional storage space for their Dropbox Pro accounts will not see any changes to the name.

Besides the name, these Dropbox Pro accounts would also retain their features and pricing.

dropbox basic and plus